The RA Chronicles

Arriving in a new city can be a daunting and lonely experience, but here the RAs make it their job to keep your spirit alive with different events! These events are fun, encourage us get to know one another, and of course have lots of food!

We had a small Ping Pong tournament in the Academic Center; a single-elimination bracket with matches image (2)going to the player that reached 10 points first. I’m not much of an expert with ping pong so I decided to not partake in this particular event, but oh man it got pretty exciting just watching. A bunch of good players signed up – Lee Cudney, Matt Leta, Gigi Danforth got pretty far – but in the end, it was Chris Miller who ended up taking the title of Ping Pong Champion.

For another event, a Super Bowl Party was organized so that we could all watch the Super Bowl together. My roommates and I decided to host the party in our room since we had a decent TV to watch on. Without cable, we had to find a good streaming site that wasn’t lagging every second. We bought wings to eat, Bradley Jones made a cookie cake that disappeared in minutes, Mariana Franzetti made several mini pizzas for us to munch on, and drinks and chips were brought by our other peers that were kind enough to bring them. I’m not much of a football fan myself – who are the Sea Hawks again? – but the party was a lot of fun! Even though I wasn’t rooting for a particular team, it was definitely entertaining to watch Eric and Sean bicker over how good a player Tom Brady was.

If you’re not much of a “lets get together and watch something” kind of participant, there are events for you too! With Gigi leading the way, a group of Champlain students went to hike up Mount Royal. Bundled up warmly we trekked up the hill, a 20 minute hike from the Academic Center. Once at the top, you have a beautiful view of the city – a view that looks even better at night I’d imagine! To help with the cold, we got some delicious hot chocolate to warm us up.

The most recent event we had was the Super Smash Sundae tournament. The rules of the tournament were imageset: 1 vs. 1 matches, no items, 2 out of 3 round elimination, and a unique method of stage selection dependent on the winner of the first match. But first, there was a lot of ice cream to have. Provided by Mariana, we had a variety of flavors to choose from: standard vanilla and chocolate, as well as chocolate mint and maple if we were craving for something more. Along with that, we could drown our bowls with chocolate or caramel syrup, topping it off with M&Ms and peanuts. As well as the great fillings and toppings, we also got waffle bowls which really was the icing on the already delicious cake. Once we finished our bowls and cleaned off our hands, the tournament was underway. I did pretty good in my matches! Sheik, Peach, and Kirby brought me to the semi-finals, however it was Sonic and Zelda (and a sense of overconfidence) that ended my streak. I can’t be too disappointed though, the matches were a lot of fun and I even came in 3rd place; 1st place going to Brook Chipman (Samus) with a great final match against Matt (Diddy Kong).

Even though it is winter outside, the RAs here in Montreal, Mariana and Matt, will find an activity that both is fun and brings us together as a Champlain community. I felt it broke the ice between us, finding something in common to talk about with one another. Whether we all go out to a museum or get together to watch the Super Bowl, it’s always bound to be a fun time in Montreal.

– Abner Herrera, Game Programming Major, Official Blogger, Spring 2015