My Time at Minority Media

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Kyle Patterson

Deciding to study abroad in Montreal was the best decision I have made so far at Champlain College.

I was fortunate enough to intern as a production intern with Minority Media, one of the most well-known independent studios in Canada. Time Machine is Minority Media’s newest announced game and is a virtual reality time traveling game where the player goes back in time to scan and study dinosaurs while avoiding being eaten. Working on promoting a game that is using new virtual reality tech has opened my eyes to what this new tech will bring to gaming in the future.

Interning at Minority Media was my first internship at a game production company and I have gained loads of hands on experience.

I have pitched Time Machine to hundreds of journalists and then communicated with them to schedule Time_Screenshot_01_Title_En-1024x632meeting times at PAX East and the Game Developers Conference. Communicating with these big name journalists was quite intimidating at first, but after doing it for a few weeks I got over it. One memorable moment was when I called a Gamespot Producer to follow up on an email I sent her that she hadn’t responded to. Getting Time Machine featured with Gamespot was a big goal and after the call she had forwarded the email to the person in charge of scheduling and shortly after I had a confirmed meeting with our CEO Vander Caballero and Gamespot at GDC. Greatexperience.

In addition to communicating with the press, I have conducted market research in the virtual reality landscape. I have also researched and created a draft summary for a soon to be revealed project. I have staffed Minority Media’s booth at Montreal Play, a independent games convention held at SAT, the local convention center for Independent Game Developers Association (IGDA) Montreal events. IGDA Montreal is one of the most active charters of IGDA headed by experienced game industry veterans and offers many events where students are able to see current independent games as well as network with games industry professionals.

Minority Media’s studio is a very large room with a few meeting rooms and office in the center. The studio is about a 10 minute bus ride from the dorms where Champlain College students stay. Getting used to public transportation as a form of commuting to work and school is yet another plus of studying abroad. I was given a desk with two monitors near a window where you could see all around Montreal. I was nervous on my first day but after meeting with Minority Media’s artists, designers, programmers, and producers I started to relax. The office dog was also very welcoming.

The atmosphere at Minority is a quiet and relaxing. Most of the time each person is working by him or herself while wearing headphones listening to some music. I would sometimes be graced with the presence of the office dog which was nice as I miss my dogs from home. There are also numerous places to eat within a short walking distance around Minority Media’s offices.

I work mainly with Minority Media’s Media Relations Manager Rommel Romero. He is a great mentor that gave me meaningful tasks and was available when I needed help but did not micromanage me. I also worked with our Line Producer Tali and Associate Producer Charlotte in organizing PAX East and GDC meetings, booth setup, and other important details. They are all very welcoming, have a great sense of humor, and were there if I ever had a questions about something I was working on.

I am also very excited to be going to PAX East with Minority Media to help staff the booth there where we will be able to show thousands of attendees and journalists the newest Time Machine demo. All of this hands on experience in a production role at a game development studio would not have been possible if I had stayed in Burlington. This is why I strongly encourage anyone that wants to work in the games industry and is thinking about studying abroad to apply to Champlain College’s Montreal campus.

Kyle Patterson, MCRM: Game Producer, Spring 2015