Interning at Execution Labs

328f5f0Getting an internship in Montreal was one of the main reasons I wanted to study abroad. I was excited to work directly with a production team, and have hands on experience making great games. The wonderful folks in Montreal were able to get me an interview shortly after I got to Montreal and within a week I knew I had an internship at Execution Labs (XL).

Execution Labs was in the middle of moving their offices to a larger space when I first started and so the first several weeks XL_Logo_rendered_positivewere chaotic. One day I was helping set up tables and chairs and the next day I was being introduced to all the new teams that would be at XL.

You see XL is an incubator for start up developers. Teams from all around the world come to XL to get help and mentoring during a three month cycle. XL brings in mentors from throughout the gaming industry to work hands on with each team in whatever areas they need help. The mastermind behind XL is Jason Della Rocca a self described “Indie Evangelist” and one of the most connected people in games and a great friend of Champlain College! Jason along with his team are collectively known as Team Voltron. Each member of Voltron has a specialization whether it be production, social media, analytics, QA testing, or business. XL is a one stop shop for Indies that would like help throughout the development process. Every week teams have a schedule that has them pitching their games, listening to mentors presentations, and working one on one with Team Voltron.

meetingEven though I feel like I just got to XL, I can see the progress many of the teams are making. During the first week each team gave a presentation about themselves and the game they are making. After one month the teams gave another presentation to practice for GDC. Members from each team would talk as if they are presenting  to the press, or investors, or even publishers about their games. The confidence level about all aspects of their games went up with each presentation. Even if some days have me running errands for members of Volton or people on the teams I feel like I am doing something important and am part of the process.

– Colin Rebord, MCRM: Game Producer, Spring 2015