Roll, Cut- Imagine! ParaFilms

2015-01-09 08.55.01ParaFilms is a small innovative film production company that takes on numerous of projects, from personal exploration to documentaries and commercials. ParaFilms studio is located within a large rented space, that is shared with some neighboring studios containing rather bright and happy people. In this space, these collective of studios are known as NOMAD.


Upon my first day there, it was very exhilarating being inside Nomad Studios. With all the little 20150223_134101personalized sections, it gave me the instant feeling of being in a safe community where ideas could be shared and where the mind of an artist could be explored. To top it off, one of the studios even has an adorable dog that just trots around Nomad giving you big eyes, full of questions and wonders.

bird antGetting started on work however was nerve wracking. You always want to show that you know your stuff and can contribute positively. As a studying graphic designer, it is a breath of fresh air when you are exploring a new way of combining aesthetics. For my first completed project in Parafilms, Noe Sardet, my boss and professor, passed me along a well developed ‘dossier’, or file in English, of a little introduction booklet explaining the project around microorganisms in the soil. I was told to look over the file and to make sure the structure and font were well laid out; the typical graphic designer’s job. But I was also asked if I could draw some organisms to help add a more natural feel to the booklet. This would help people take in the importance of the information and help fund resources towards the project’s film production. I love Micro9to draw, I have been drawing since I was four so this project was right up my alley.

After completion on my end, Noe soon came to me later on in the week and told me how successful the booklet was, leaving sponsors with a fond impression on the projects purpose.

photo 1

I created the images that were projected onto the large face during a concert

That project and current ones I am undertaking with ParaFilms is helping me identify and mold my talents into my graphic identity. Helping push my studies and limits to help achieve high and fine designs and layouts, as well as learning some film tools and how a small firm budgets itself. I would recommend doing internships abroad; it’s well worth every moment you get to spend doing it.

– Brianna Webb, Graphic Design Major, Spring 2015