How to get a summer internship at Ubisoft

Scott picAt the Montreal International Game Summit (MIGS), I went to a panel that I thought would be interesting. I asked a few questions after the presentation was over, and after the panel, a recruiter from Ubisoft approached me. He had been sitting behind me the whole time! He gave me his card and we kept in touch over email. After months of communication with the company, I sent them my résumé and they had me take a 2 hour long programming test. Finally, I earned an interview. They were very casual and friendly. They asked me technical questions for about 45 minutes, and the next day offered me the internship!

I’ve been in Montreal for two semesters because I love the city so much, and I’m so excited to get to stay here for the summer, too!

– Scott Barrett, Programming Major, Spring 2015