Working at Tuque Games

08b1f91My experience working at Tuque Games has been extremely rewarding and I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with a team of around 15 on an amazing project. The opportunity to work closely with experienced members (Eidos, Behavior, Ubisoft, etc.) of the industry is something I never would have imagined before arriving in Montreal.

In all honesty I owe this entire experience to Gigi Danforth who has been helping me get placed since World War Machinebefore the semester even began. I remember the day she took me in to meet Jeff Hattem (producer and founder of Tuque) and in less than 30 minutes I was somehow hired and starting work, whatever that entailed, on the following Monday.

I showed up the next week with very little idea of what was in store for me and was instantly introduced to the team and the game. Everyone who works here is extremely passionate about what they do and it just creates the most welcoming atmosphere to walk into. The studio itself is very open making it possible to see anybody in the room whenever you want and it makes communication very easy to simply send a message or walk over and talk to them.

Tuque6In the time I’ve been here I have been working on a huge variety of tasks to make sure the project has gone smoothly. Some of my cooler tasks include creating a competitive analysis on other games within the ARPG genre (Yeah, I had to play and record game footage for my job, pretty much the coolest task). I test and record our game weekly to track progress and provide artists with reference, I work with the designers on documentation and ensuring the game is scoped, and I could keep the list going forever. Honestly one of the greatest things about working here as an intern is that you don’t get stuck with menial work and what you are doing actually makes a difference.

It hasn’t always been smooth and I have made a number of mistakes in my time here (including Tuque 1desyncing the entire google drive used in the office on my first day….). But I love it here and I’m learning new skills and new information about the industry every day I’m here. The greatest thing about this industry is the people you get to meet and I’ve managed to find an outstanding group and I’m ecstatic that I’ve been given the opportunity to continue my work at Tuque through the summer.

– Zachary Saxe, MCRM Game Producer, Spring 2015