Of Internships and Coffee

Jack-1I have had the opportunity to stay in Montreal for all of my Junior year. It was fantastic, I loved it. This past semester I was given the chance to have an internship while I was up in Montreal. So from January to the end of March I was interning at Nvizzio Creations, formerly a part of Funcom. Like many who take internships up here, I learned a lot and had a positive experience.

Would I recommend it to other programmers? Depends. How well can you manage your time? Mnvizzio2y internship wasn’t for credits nor was it paid, so I was doing it in my spare time. If you think you can handle it go for it. In the words of John Pile, “You just don’t want to be in a situation where you have to choose between leaving a bad impression with an internship OR not learning the stuff you’re paying so much to learn.” I think I balanced my time well enough.

There is one thing I was not expecting to take away from the internship, and that was coffee. I went from not drinking coffee at all to drinking it black. There was no in between. This past year I have had mostly night classes, but the internship required me to get up early and be productive. So I decided to try coffee again.

It still tastes horrible.

But, I figured the benefits outweigh the terrible taste. Which, they do. In the past I have been told to start slow going into coffee, ease my way from a little bit to more and more. I should get one of the mocha-frappe-grande-cappuccino-espressos, or whatever. I think they are meant to mask the taste. But I was just getting a sugary disappointment. To me the taste stood out more, and all of the added stuff just made me sick. Also, it was unnecessarily expensive, and probably just as bad as a Mountain Dew.

So my advice… Learn to embrace the bitter elixir of life, it will do wonders, maybe. No guarantees.

At least it smells good.nvizzio

Jack Storm, Game Programming Major, Spring 2015