The Mont Royal Treasure Hunt Day!

mont royal blog 1It was a cold and windy day but my science class and I were not deterred from walking around Mount Royal and picking up garbage! We walked to Mount Royal from the Montreal campus of Champlain College, which took about 15 minutes. When we arrived we put on our nice blue latex gloves and got black colored trash bags for garbage and blue colored trash bags for recyclables.

I found all sorts of interesting treasures (trash) from wet paper to bottle caps, and too manymont royal blog 2 cigarette butts to count. Although it was a bit overcast day, I enjoyed being outside and helping to clean up a nice park. There was lots of trash collected within the fence along the hill, and I hopped over to get a better vantage point for treasure hunting.

Beyond the fenmont royal blog 3ce up the hill I found a giant blue plastic bin that I could tell everyone else in the class was super jealous of. It was satisfying to see a cleaner area after we were done picking up trash and we managed to fill multiple large trash bags. I think a few people passing by cheered us on as we gathered trash, but I’m not quite sure because it was all in French.mont royal blog 4

There is also a group that does a much larger clean-up of Mont Royal every year, and this year it is mont royal blog 5taking place on May 3rd. It’s called The Corvée du Mont-Royal, and it sounds like a great activity to help clean up the park before the summer season starts, as lots of garbage is uncovered from the winter.

-Kyle Patterson, Management of Creative Media, Spring 2015