Montreal Summer Film Program 2015!

By Noé Sardet

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What happens when you gather a couple of American students in the Canadian multi-cultural hub of Montreal? Add a bit of script writing, cinematography, editing, and sprinkle with some sound recording classes… Mix it up…  Let the magic happen: Ideas emerge and the students thrive!

This is precisely what we witnessed during this summer film making program with a group of Champlain students, mostly FLM and Broadcast majors, with the exception of one Emerson Film School student who joined in. They were clearly inspired by the effervescence of the city.

With the valuable support of Media Services crew who imported all the necessary gear and a motivated TA/RA all the ingredients were there to make it happen!

One of the highlights from the student’s perspective were the many guest speakers
who were invited to talk film making. Small round tables and discussions were organized with hot shot DPs working on features, talented directors and indy producers, as well as experienced sound recordist, editors and distributors. All passionate about their work and ready to share their knowledge of the trade!

A visit at Mel’s Film studios, where many american pictures are shot, and Nomads studio, the independent art collective version, as well as a demo of high end digital cinema cameras was a unique experience to engage with the professional world of film.

Montreal enjoys an interesting
duality and this shows through cultural differences, languages, people, seasons, as well as the the film industry that also has several dimensions. The Francophone cinema and television industry of Canada affirms it’s identity here. The summer in Montreal is also a fun mix of events and festivals all so tempting for the students. Mural Fest, Jazz Festival, Francfolies, etc. Many opportunities to get inspired!

6 films were produced during this session. 4 short films, 1 short documentary, 1 music video and 1 behind the scene video (See titles and links below).The students were exposed to… Many locations, actors, props boutiques, all easily accessible in the heart of the city!

The climax of the program was the final film projection on the big screen at the Cinemathèque Québecoise. Montreal has a lot to offer to those with curious eyes and ears. This bunch of ChamplaiIMG_0383n students had theirs wide open!!!

“Under the Boom” link :