The Internship Chronicles: Part One

Jeremy Davenport, Game Design Major

Photo3For my internship, I have been working with Professor Sardet on a game for a museum audience that focuses on plankton. ( This game is being developed on Unity for tablets to be, ideally, placed on podiums for anyone to walk up and start playing. The game will focus on having the player being able to control up to two or three different types of plankton and play “levels” that will be focused on how each type of plankton eats and survives in different scenarios. I came up with initial designs for the game and I’m developing a playable prototype to showcase the game to any interested parties that would be interested in taking the game further with a bigger development team. As of now, I’m doing the designing and programming for the prototype and implementing any art assets I find or am given from Noe Sardet.

Working with Noe has been really interesting since I’ve never had the chance to do something like this and I’ve had to learn a lot of things in Unity to keep up with what we had planned, but I feel this is pretty much required anywhere. The resources I’ve had on hand to go to for help have been really helpful and Noe, and his father Christian, have made it really easy to contact them and we’ve all managed to keep out goal in check with what I can do this semester. Working directly with Noe has given me experience in working on a mobile platform, a different type of audience the project is meant for, and I’ve had a lot of fun working on the project.

Nat Parkinson, Management of Creative Media NatProfile

Minority Media is a small game company most known for their critically acclaimed title “Papo y Yo.” Recently the company has switched to making strictly virtual reality games. In August, “Time Machine VR” was released for the Oculus Rift on Steam Early Access.

This semester I had the opportunity to work as a production intern at Minority. It’s quite an exciting time at Minority right now. It is the calm before the storm in terms of the VR market. The two heavy hitters, the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive, are set to come out with their consumer release within the next several months. Minority is vying to be at the forefront of the new VR generation having already developed one of the first elaborate virtual reality games.

When I first started working at Minority back in early September, I knew very little about virtual reality in general. During the last few months I spent a great deal of time learning about the VR market and seeing firsthand the capabilities of what this new medium can offer. Virtual reality is a goldmine of opportunity, and I consider myself lucky to have been able to be involved in its early stages.

Seeing how a game development team functions on a week to week basis has been an incredibly rewarding experience. I’m excited to use what I have learned next semester in production and in the rest of my future.