Women & Gaming: Pixelles Comes To Champlain

By Alexis Faintreny (GART ’17)

20160325_164500The games industry has amassed a huge audience over the last twenty years, and the growth of mobile games has introduced an even larger player base. Despite the largest percent of the players being women, there’s still misogyny existent that tries to dissociate girls from video games. Pixelles is a non-profit organization whose goal is to open up game development for all who are interested. In recent times whenever a girl expresses interest in developing games, she often receives backlash saying that it’s meant only for boys.

In order to combat these notions, Pixelles came to give a presentation on what their purpose is, and what everyone can do to help. For Pixelles, they want to act as both a means of entry in a safe, supportive environment, but also to dissuade all the notions and concepts that games are just for boys. If an individual wants to enter the industry but they don’t know where to begin, Pixelles can be a role model for them, showing that truly anyone can make games.20160325_164511

Pixelles runs a mentorship program in which people whom are signed up participate in an intense workshop where they make a game with the aid of a mentor. Sign-ups are open to both hobbyists or people wanting to become professionals in the industry, oftentimes becoming qualified to join a studio right after their mentorship . The Pixelles are a fantastic movement with the goal to unite the games industry together and end false prejudices.