Spring Intern Wrap-Up

This Spring, three of our students participated in exciting Montreal-based internships that expanded upon their skills while helping to develop whole new experiences. Here’s what they have to say about it!

Ben Lander (MCRM ’17) @ Nvizzio

As a project management intern I was able to contribute to the organizational efforts of two projects at Nvizzio. One being RollerCoaster Tycoon World, a simulation game where you take the roll of a tycoon trying to make the most profitable and exciting park possible. The other being Rokh, a game I would describe as “social survival,” where you do your best to thrive on the inhospitable planet Mars alongside many other players who may help or harm you.BLander Picture

During my time at Nvizzio I got to meet a lot of excellent people who helped me develop my skills as a producer/manager. I was introduced to the project management software Jira, granted access to a wealth of exemplary documents in Perforce, and challenged to create a number of different spreadsheets in Excel.

At Nvizzio I was never tasked with getting anyone coffee, I was given real work that truly helped me develop as an industry professional. I very much appreciated that I was treated as a real team member who could contribute in a meaningful way. As a result I was able to get my hands much deeper into the things I wanted to, and never felt like a nuisance to the people around me. My internship with Nvizzio made me more confident about the idea of applying for jobs in the industry, and about my ability to positively impact a projects future. I would highly encourage other students to accept an internship with Nvizzio if they had the opportunity.

Michael Hamilton (MCRM ’17) @ GamePlay Space

My internship at GamePlay Space was one of the most valuable parts of my time in Montreal. As a production intern, I worked directly with game companies both local to Montreal and operating internationally to coordinate both monthly networking events as well as several individual keynote presentation events held at GamePlay Space, including talks by ID@Xbox, Twitch, and Unity. I also MikeHamHeadshothelped manage the production tasks of GamePlay Space including managing communication channels and coordinating scheduling consistency between the game studios in the space and the community.

This experience was truly incredible, as I got to learn from dozens of industry veterans and get an insider’s look at game production executed by several different studios as opposed to being tied to one. I also developed a great professional network in Montreal through GamePlay Space. I felt like an integral part of the process, as opposed to an easily replaceable temporary employee. All in all, my internship at GamePlay Space was a uniquely wonderful professional experience, and I would choose to work there again in a heartbeat.

Ben Powell-Francis (MCRM ’17) @ Minority Media

This past semester (Spring 2016) in Montreal I got the incredible opportunity to intern at Minority Media. Minority is a studio that is focusing on the wide possibilities of virtual reality. Though Minority has made other games in the past, Papo & Yo, Spirits of Spring, and Locomotion, I primarily worked on Time Machine VR(TMVR). TMVR is an exploration game, which includes a rich underlying story and a childhood dream of traveling back in-time to see the dinosaurs. When I played this game I was literally on the edge of my seat the whole time.11054296_596134958857_970398744819405925_n

My role at Minority was not as an intern but a member of a larger team. I was treated with respect and in turn I found great respect for those I worked closely with. I had the ability to change up my class schedule to really make the most of my internship opportunity by choosing to attend four days each week rather than two. This was huge; not only did I get to work on more critical path items but the dev team got to know me really well too. I worked closely with the lead producer Tali Goldstein, and the public relations head Rommel Romero. Beyond learning more about virtual reality hardware then I ever thought was possible I got to sit in on critical meetings, hold demos for press and prospective donors, I fielded their Early Access Key release, and on rare occasions went out for top level business lunch meetings.

I came to Montreal seeking an internship, I could not have guessed that I would have had such a wonderful place to work and learn. Additionally, Minority Media hired me on for the, now, upcoming summer, of which I am totally pumped for. I would highly recommend that if you are reading this to seriously consider coming up here and seeing what the city has to offer you.