The Internship Chronicles – Amos Byrne

By Amos Byrne (GDES ’18)

I interned at C4M, a company that produces mobile games, and got to work on their release from earlier this year, the mobile freemium RTS Battleplans. The game was officially released on the app store in May, and has been producing regular updates with additional content, which I was fortunate enough to be able to contribute to.

In the game, the player controls squads of soldiers which fight in real time against other players’ pre-built “plans”. The game also contains a great many pre-built single player campaign plans for the player to progress through and sharpen their skills for multiplayer. The most exciting part of this internship was being able to design and create some of the more advanced single player campaign levels, as well as balance testing a large number of levels to be interspersed through the earlier sections of the game.

C4M is a small team, which meant there was always a new task or position to be filled for a day. My day to day jobs ranged from banning cheaters, to play-testing new mechanics, to helping develop online resources (such as a wiki and an FAQ) for new players of  the game to get acquainted with its mechanics. Being on a small team also meant I’ve gotten to be part of some preliminary team discussions for big changes in the game. It’s an interesting contrast, as this sort of game tends to have a vision for how it functions that’s very centralized, but this team has a very open approach to spreading and sharing ideas, which has made for a really welcoming and fun semester working here.

It’s been an excellent test of my time management skills, as I’ve been working 18 hours every week; a struggle to fit in with my other classes. That said, I’ve never looked forward to coming into work every day as much as I have while working at C4M, it’s been such a fantastic and fulfilling experience. Being given the opportunity to make content that may eventually be seen and played in a published game has been incredibly satisfying. It’s also made me realize that I hope to eventually end up on a smaller team, as I’m more interested in working towards a unified team vision of a game than a big or expensive one. This internship has made me much more comfortable with my role as a game designer, and excited to continue exploring the career opportunities that this field will hopefully continue to offer me!