The Internship Chronicles – Katie

By Katie Boynton (GDDM ’17)

Maybe it’s the sentimentality of these Montreal days, or the rapidly approaching end of my college career, but I can’t seem to stop reminiscing– sorting through and reliving my memories of the past four years. I don’t mean this to sound bleak. In many ways, my introspection is happily and embarrassingly self-indulgent. I’m beyond proud of everything that I have been able to accomplish during my time at Champlain College, but this semester has definitely been the cherry on top.

It’s safe to say that I have had my fair share of internships, but I had something very specific in mind for my final semester. My goal was to work at a branding agency– somewhere large enough to provide me with a challenge, but small enough to give me the opportunity to network far beyond my existing community. Further, I wanted my work environment to feel similar to the kinds of companies that I hope to work for after graduation.

My current internship at Hrvst satisfies all of these goals in its own unique way. The company itself is a branding agency, but it is part of a collective that houses many different design-adjacent businesses. This has allowed me to envision my eventual place within an agency setting, while also gaining a better understanding a graphic designers’ role within the larger context of the creative industries.

Even more rewarding than reaching these goals, however, is the unexpected perks of working at Hrvst. No, I’m not just referring to my paycheck (although that’s much appreciated). I’m in love with the variety of working for such a multi-faceted company. On any given day, I could be assigned in-house design work, meet with a client, or wandering the city taking photos for Hrvst social media content. I am always busy, and I am always learning.