The Internship Chronicles – Tyler

By Tyler Chermely (EGPR ’18)

One of the things I wanted most while at Champlain College was to get workplace experience with an internship. Luckily, Champlain College has an abroad campus in the heart of one of the biggest game development hubs, Montreal. With over 150 different studies ranging from AAA to Indie, I knew I had to go abroad.

During this semester, I have been an intern at Moment Factory as a Unity Programmer. Moment Factory is a multimedia studio which combines many different skillsets in order to create incredible experiences for the public. From decorating LAX to creating a beautiful interactive experience in a forest, there is no company that does it better.

I work under Jean-François Larouche who is the director of the interactive team at Moment Factory. I have been programming a video game for the interactive team which aims to help bring people together using interaction. To do so, I have been using programs such as Unity and Touch Designer. A lot of the work from the interactive team and many of the other Moment Factory teams can be seen on the Lab:

One of the coolest things about working at Moment Factory is the atmosphere. It is a huge open space with skateboards and an espresso machine which is supplied daily with milk, beans, and tea. Did I mention that there are dogs everywhere? Yes, Moment Factory allows you to bring your dogs, and tons of people do.

Working at Moment Factory is an excellent experience. Not only am I programming video games in a professional setting, I’m using advanced technologies that I never even planned on using such as LIDAR. I have also improved my skills in Unity, and I have experienced what it is like to work in a professional setting.

My experience isn’t over yet, I will be working at Moment Factory for the Summer of 2017.