The Internship Chronicles: Summer Edition – Colton interns at Tuque Games

Colton Orr (GART ’18) spent his spring semester interning at Tuque Games in Montreal and had the opportunity to continue at Tuque throughout the summer. Colton tell us about both his experiences!

On the last day of finals, during the fall of my Junior year, I was offered a position as a character artist at Tuque Games. I had my heart set on working at the studio during the following summer and when I was given the opportunity to start working a semester early, there were many obstacles.  Nevertheless, Champlain’s faculty in both Burlington and Montreal went above and beyond to help me get a work visa and arrange my classes to make the internship a reality.

The skills I have learned and the people I have met because of working at Tuque are invaluable to my career.  My internship threw me into the production pipeline on day one and since then I have been creating assets for our newest game that is set to release later this year.

An average day in the studio starts with a stand-up meeting with the rest of my team before diving into the day’s tasks. Over the course of the day, the art team keeps each other up to date on what needs to be done allowing us to be flexible and jump from task to task—and even one project to another—depending on what needs to be done. As an ambivert who loves both working alone and working on teams, Tuque is a dream studio.

Since my first year of school, Champlain has offered a rigorous art curriculum with supplementary liberal arts classes that taught me to take opportunities when I saw them. There were many factors that came into play to make my internship possible, but two moments stand out. The first was a fantastic conversation I had with my future mentor while visiting Tuque on a company tour (a conversation that was made possible by our awesome Activities Coordinator). The second moment happened when someone at Tuque saw a character I made for a class (a digital sculpture that was made while taking a class with one of the senior character artists at Bioware). Champlain’s program and faculty have never let me down and they continue to impress me every year with their willingness to work one on one with students.

I would recommend Champlain’s Game Art and Animation Program to anyone who has the dream of becoming a digital artist and is ready to work hard to make those dreams a reality.

My summer in Montreal was nothing short of a dream come true. I had wanted to work at Tuque Games ever since I first heard about the company from a friend who had interned there two years earlier. I had the chance to start my internship during the school year which allowed me to hit the ground running when the summer began. Everyday, I would bike down the hill and along the river arriving at work pumped and ready to crush the day’s work. I got to work with an incredible team making characters for a title that I grew up playing as a kid. Every day presented exciting artistic challenges and new learning opportunities that inspired me to no end. Champlain had prepared me well for my artistic and professional tasks. My greatest challenge was not knowing French in a predominantly French speaking company. I had to work hard to find other ways of connecting with my coworkers such as bringing homemade cookies and socializing outside of the studio. Overall, it was a summer I will never forget. I miss Montreal everyday and I look forward to returning soon.