The Internship Chronicles: Summer Edition – Shane interns at Norsfell

Shane Beucler (GART ’18) spent this summer in Montreal interning at Norsfell, an indie company that builds replayable multiplayer experiences for fanatics all over the world. Shane tells us about his experience at Norsfell, which is located at GamePlay Space, a collaborative space shared with other indie studios.

“My summer internship was great! I learned a lot about working on a team in the industry as well as the marketing behind mobile games and Norsfell even told me that they’d be very happy to have me back after I graduate. Norsfell will be working with me a bit before I graduate and will be contacting me about potential job openings a few months before.

The thing I found hard was getting used to living completely on my own and finding a proper work-life balance. At first I was pushing myself too much to do additional work at home and was feeling really lonely. However, through adjustments and some help from visits from my girlfriend throughout the summer, I was able to find the proper work-life balance and feel less lonely, until I was able to balance out my life in Montreal and feel comfortable living in my apartment.”