Max Sanel (Game Production’18) interned at Ironbelly Studios during the spring semester.

Ironbelly studios is a games company that offers services from 3d art, to level design, to programming as well as producing their own games. They have an office in Montreal where some of the members work, with the rest working remotely from all over the world. I’ve been interning there this semester, and it’s been an absolute blast.

The first day working there, they treated me to an introductory breakfast as a way to meet me and discuss just what I would be doing there in the coming months. I ate a delicious breakfast made by the Ironbelly team and was introduced to the people I would be working with. This fantastically positive first day set the tone for the rest of the internship. The team has been an absolute pleasure to work with, and I’m enjoying the projects they give me massively.

I spend half my time there as a production intern, doing tasks that an assistant producer would do, such as working in their project management software Target Process, doing follow up with team members about logged hours, and some client facing activities. The other half of my time I spend as a marketing intern, which has me doing things like research for marketing plans, checking product pages on the Unreal Marketplace and Unity Asset Store for customer feedback, and interacting with users on the Ironbelly forums. My day-to-day varies greatly at Ironbelly, and there’s always a new process for me to tackle. I’m learning a great deal about how studios manage their projects, and how community building activities help a marketing campaign.

Interning at Ironbelly has given me insight into what working at a “virtual” company is like. The majority of the Ironbelly team work remotely from all over the world (one of the producer’s I work closely with lives in Poland). It’s an environment that I was unfamiliar with, but after working with Ironbelly it’s become easier and easier. I’m also gaining some experience working with VR, as they have me doing a few things on their upcoming Virtual Reality title: Yore VR.

If you’re on the fence about interning in Montreal, I’d strongly recommend pursuing one. The staff here provide tremendous help in finding an opportunity. If you’re worried about commuting, don’t be! Montreal is super easy to navigate if your internship is in walking distance, and if it isn’t, it’s really hard to get lost in the metro.