This summer, James Keats (EGPR ’18) stayed in Montreal to do an internship at Behaviour Interactive after studying at the Champlain Abroad campus in the spring.

Having a full time summer internship in Montreal was an awesome experience, and very different from living and working there during a school semester (especially during the winter semester)! I was blown away by how much the city opens up and how truly alive everything becomes when the weather gets warmer. I was lucky enough to be staying during Montreal’s 375th anniversary, and so there were even more events!

One of my favorite parts of the summer in Montreal was the International Fireworks Festival – I attended three separate shows. Having the free time that you can sometimes lack during a school semester to explore, check out restaurants, and see new sights really helped me to fall in love with the city in a way I hadn’t before. Finding a place to live was scary at first, but made a lot easier by finding a roommate from Champlain who was also staying over the summer and going through the process together.


My internship at Behaviour Interactive was also a very challenging and very rewarding experience. I was working on a kind of project I had never done before, learning all new things. I met a lot of really great people and got to spend time with some of them outside of work as well. Even if I can’t talk about the specifics of the project quite yet, it’s really awesome to be working on something that eventually people are going to be able to actually play. It’s a great feeling, and very different from class projects.
Overall, I’m very glad I ended up staying, and wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. It sold me on Montreal, and I’m really hoping I get to move there after graduation!