Summer (Programs) In The City!

By Ryan Hipgrave (Assistant Director, Montreal Campus)

Ask any Montrealer, and they’ll tell you that the best time to be in this city is the summer. During those sunny months, the streets of North America’s largest French-speaking metropolis pulsate with the vibes of festivals, concerts, outdoor restaurants, and the millions of tourists flitting about our many antique cobblestone roads.

Given all that is exciting about Montreal in the summertime, it makes perfect sense that Champlain College would offer two different, immersive study abroad opportunities in the capital of French-Canadian identity. From May 25th to June 30th, 2018, students are invited to descend on Champlain’s Montreal Campus to participate in one of two exceptional for-credit programs! Through both the Summer Culture and Summer Filmmaking programs, students will engage with the city on meaningful levels as they focus their projects on the unfamiliar territory in which they find themselves. 

The Montreal Summer Culture Program

A 5 week, six-credit summer experience at our Montreal campus with a selection of courses that focus on cultural opportunities in the city. Rather than spending all your time in the classroom, spend it exploring, learning hands-on the historical and cultural dynamics that make Montreal unique.

Courses potentially on offer in this program are as wide-ranging in subject matter as they are special to the city that hosts them:

  • Conversational French (LAN 215) & French I (LAN110)
  • Food Writing in Montreal (WRT 231)
  • Canadian Culture through Film (FLM 280)
  • Canadian Culture through Music (ART 330)
  • LGBTQ Montreal (SWK 230)
  • Introduction to Game Design for Non-Gamers (EGD 110 )

The Montreal Summer Filmmaking Program

Montreal serves as the urban backdrop for this highly creative and immersive 6 credit Urban Indie Filmmaking course. From writing screenplays, documentary treatments, to mastering the tools of cinematography, sound recording, and video editing, students will engage with the film production workflow, including how to promote and distribute your films.

The Urban Indie Filmmaking course aims to foster innovative and creative projects, and to nurture passionate aspiring filmmakers. Working in small collaborative groups, students will write, produce, shoot, and edit films using professional level equipment and facilities at our Montreal campus. Whether working in narrative fiction, documentary, or music video, you will acquire the necessary skills in the cinematic arts to begin your career as an indie filmmaker.

Want to see what participants are capable of? Here’s a highlight reel of films produced by students in Montreal:

Want to Know More?

For any questions about the two Montreal Summer Programs, please contact Noah Goldblatt, Study Abroad Director, at!