The Internship Chronicles: Anna Steeley

By Anna Steeley (FILM ’19)

This semester I interned at Eyesteelfilm, a documentary based production company in Montreal. The company was founded through making films with the homeless community and founded by Mila Aung-Thwin. Eyesteel creates a diverse range of documentaries such as Manic about a woman who sets out to find the truth about her father or A Note’s Ark, about Kiribati, where a community within the island must evacuate their homes due to extreme climate change.

At my internship I learned how to transcode audio files, create and check subtitles, and most recently use DVD Studio Pro to create DVD menus for the company’s recent films to be shipped off. During the first few weeks at Eyesteel I worked on the newest film Adoption about a Chinese college girl adopted and raised in Montreal who goes to China to find her birth parents and understand her family’s history and her background. I watched most of the seven hour footage (although the film is still being edited). I had ten packets of subtitles that I then had to make note of where they were in the film. It was challenging at times because some of the language in the film was Chinese and I had to match the English subtitles. Luckily, I had taken Chinese 1 in High School so I was able to recognize some words and with the help of Google Translate.

Anna putting the DVDs and cover in the case for Let There Be Light

Another big assignment I was given was to work on transcoding for Mira’s film about her father. I was given audio files that I had to upload to a site and type what each character is saying as well as marking time marks after every minute of dialogue. The task can be tedious and long, but I have enjoyed it so far and learning a lot about Mira’s father and his work.

The last big project I worked on was for the company’s film Let There Be Light. I became very comfortable with the film as I had to watch it many times; fixing and adding subtitles. The company released a DVD copy with 5 different languages including: Polish, Hungarian, English, French, and Spanish. I worked on the French and Hungarian subtitles, the Hungarian took much longer to do. I was given the English subtitles and I then had to translate them to Hungarian using Google Translate of course, and make sure each Hungarian subtitle in the film was correct. I believe that task took me about four days to complete. Then once every language subtitle was done I had to make clickable color changing buttons for the DVD menu using DVD Studio Pro (it was my first time using the software). Once that was done, Huei,  another intern and I had to watch both the NTSC and PAL versions of the DVD and a couple of the languages on each to check for glitches before Victor (my mentor) shipped them to Texas.

I have really enjoyed my time at Eyesteelfilm so far. At first it was really hard to adjust and to meet people but talking to Katie and Huei really helped me open up and branch out to more people. To celebrate International Women’s Day all the women who represent Eyesteel decided to take a group photo except Mira had already left. (clockwise -Sandra, Anna, Katie, Rebecca, and Val)

One of my goals was to get better at editing and post production work. I definitely see how much progress I made in my post-production work. I’m going to miss working at Eyesteel. Not only have I created great relationships but I now have experience working in the Montreal film industry.