The Internship Chronicles: Lizzy Hammond

Elisabeth Hammond (PWRT ’19) – Game Writer at Tuque Games

Working out the logistics of an internship was a long and arduous process for me that in volved many emails that mostly inquired whether or not it fit into my academic plan. Caught in the odd position of “not really a game designer,” but at the same time searching for a, more or less, game design internship, alongside having switched into the Professional Writing major my sophomore year of college, and thus having to double down on classes, I wasn’t sure if I was afraid of not being able to graduate on time or if I was afraid of not having the experience game companies so often seek from freshly minted graduates.

As it turned out, I didn’t need to worry about either.

Not only did an internship fit snugly into my academic plan so that I’d graduate within four years, but I was taken on not as a game designer, but as a game writer at Tuque Games. It seemed almost too good to be true, and I spent my winter break excitedly waiting to return to Montreal for a second semester and to see what my internship had in store for me.

Tuque Games is an indie company made of friendly, passionate people who are just as much gamers as they are game makers. As it is with any new kind of employment, I was nervous and unsure of what they expected of me ─ but as it turns out, there was no surprises or curveballs. They hired me as a game writer, and then they had me write the game.

However, this is far from solely narrative aspects of the game. While most of the writing I’ve done has been for narrativ


e ─story, quests, dialogue, and so on ─ I have also written descriptions for monsters, characters, items, weapons, and player abilities. Having a hand in the direction of the game, despite being just an intern, has by far been an amazing honor and more than I ever expected to be able to do. And maybe part of it is the charmingness of Montreal, but as coming up for one semester turned into two, the hope to stay over the summer before I begin my senior year to continue working at Tuque came as little surprise to anyone.

Working at Tuque has been an experience beyond what I ever expected it to be, and I am beyond grateful for the experience it has given me. In only a couple months my mindset changed from anxiety about my future as a game writer, to confidence that I have the skills necessary to make it where I want to go.