The Internship Chronicles: Ryan

By Ryan Murphy (GPROD ’20)

During the Fall 2018 semester, Ryan found himself working as a Production Assistant Intern at Rogue Factor.

Ryan Murphy GPROD ’20

My name is Ryan Murphy, I am 20 years old and currently a Production Assistant Intern at Rogue Factor.   Throughout my life, I have had 3 jobs, including the position that I am currently at with Rogue Factor. I plan to briefly talk about those positions but mainly focus on my current job at Rogue Factor. Lastly, I am going to talk about what I have learned throughout my experience at Rogue Factor.

The first job that I ever worked at was as a teachers assistant at a camp for 3-5-year-olds called Camp Ellie.  It was run by a company called Stepping Stones Museum for Children, I worked there from June 2017 to August 2017. At first, I assisted at the museum and helped set up all of the packets filled with worksheets that were used at Camp Ellie.  Then started work at Camp Ellie at the end of June, while there I was in a classroom with three others. One was the lead teacher, and the other two people were also teachers assistants. The four of us were in charge of twenty 3-4-year-olds and teaching them interpersonal skills.

From June 2018 to August 2018 I was working as a QA tester for Eff Creative Group and Knowvera.  I was paid by Knowvera but worked at Eff Creative group. I was in charge of QA testing a financial trading platform called Ticker Tocker.  Every week I was given a list of features to test and determine whether or not a feature is working properly. For a majority of the summer I had worked in New York City at Eff Creative Group and for my last two weeks, I worked at Knowvera’s headquarters which is in Danbury Connecticut.

My third job is the current job that I am working, with Rogue Factor.  I have been an intern at Rogue Factor since September 2018 and plan to work there until December 2018.  I am currently working as a Production Assistant Intern and helping in any way I can. Every morning at the office everyone starts their morning off by going around the entire office and fist bumping everyone.  Creating a game is all about teamwork and going around the office giving everyone a fist bump and greeting each other every morning is a great way to learn people’s names, but it is also a way to make people more approachable when you need help with something. While at my internship I have been given multiple responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include setting up the morning stand up meeting, creating progress trackers on google sheets, attend sprint meetings and assign tasks to people.  My first task of the day is to set up the morning Stand up meeting for the studio, I even got the chance to lead the stand-up meeting when the other producers were unavailable, which was an amazing experience. I set up the morning stand up meeting on the central computer in our lounge area of the office, with the information given to me by the two Producers I am working with. Elliot Jones, the current producer on the project I am working on, tough me how to use google sheets. He taught me how to use google sheets because it allowed me to create multiple trackers that assist in keeping track of the progress of the current project we are working on, Necromunda: Underhive Wars.  The trackers that I created are being used by the entire team so that everyone knows what is complete and what is currently in progress. I also have had the opportunity to attend sprint planning meetings and got to join in on the playtest he our studio does at the end of every month. During the last sprint planning meeting I attended, I got to see the google sheets tracker that I created is used. Like I had mentioned before I knew that the studio was using the trackers, but I never thought that it would be brought up and referenced in such an important meeting. Most recently I was put in charge of creating and organizing tasks for people to work on in the studio. This is the most recent task I have been given and the other producer, Cedric Oliver (his nickname is Cedo).  He gave me a basic template for how to name the tasks I create and which ones they needed to be created.

Ryan Murphy at his internship with Rogue Factor

There have been a handful of valuable things that I learned while at my internship with  Rogue Factor. I learned a large variety of things varying from soft skills such as proper communication, to creating tasks for people.  I want to briefly touch on the soft skills that I learned about, starting with the proper way to communicate about potential negative things.  As a producer, you need to be able to communicate with people properly whether it is being extremely enthusiastic about things to motivate people, all the way to having discussions regarding what they are doing and whether or not they need any help.  Some conversations could be about a negative topic. Whether the person is not doing something properly or not getting along with someone, but whatever it is there is a specific way you want to handle those situations. There is a specific way to handle those certain situations because you don’t want to go up to someone and either talk down to them or make them feel as if they did something wrong when it could just be a simple misunderstanding.   I never knew how to handle situations like that because I was always worried about coming off the wrong way and making things worse, but thankfully I learned the proper way to handle those situations. Another big thing that I am going to take away from this internship is how to use google sheets. Now I know that sounds ridiculous, I also thought that at first too, but I have already applied my knowledge of google sheets outside of my internship.  I assisted a friend who was creating 3D model props for a film that he was helping out with. I created a google sheets document that helped him keep track of every step that he needs to complete. The fact that I learned how to use google sheets and have been able to apply that knowledge outside of work and school is extremely valuable to me.

An unexpected challenge that I faced during my internship was definitely when I had to facilitate the daily stand up meeting alone.  I had facilitated plenty of stand up meetings while at school, but doing it in an actual studio made me extremely nervous. It really didn’t help that I didn’t know everyone’s names at the time and it also really didn’t help that most people in the office spoke french.  All of them speak both English and French, but I didn’t know that at the time which made me even more nervous than usual. I had spoken with one of my colleges at the time, Astrid, and speaking with her about it helped me calm down especially when she told me that the lead programmer, Edgy, was going to be in there the entire time.  The stand-up meeting went well, we had asked everyone to speak in English so that I could understand them, but sometimes people spoke in both French and English and Edgy just translated the french for me. It was an extremely stressful thing for me to do at the time, but thanks to Edgy and Astrid, I was able to get through it all with ease. Both Edgy and Astrid helped me realize that it wasn’t the worst thing in the world if I had messed up slightly because they reminded me that no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes.  I had done this in my third week of being there, so I didn’t know everyone as well as I do now, so I didn’t know how awesome and amazing everyone is at Rogue Factor if I had known then what I know now then facilitating that stand up meeting would have been easy.