The Internship Chronicles: Jonathan

By Jonathan Vogt (PWRT ’20)

During the Fall 2018 semester, Jonathan interned with Champlain College as a Gaming Industry Coordinator at the Montreal campus. 

Jonathan Vogt (PWRT ’20) at the Champlain Montreal campus.

I worked at Champlain College—you may have heard of it!—as a Gaming Industry Coordinator. It’s a position that didn’t exist for very long, necessitated by Champlain College’s growing involvement with the many game studios and publishers around Montreal. To have an entire role devoted to managing the college’s relationships with the game industry shows just how ingrained the college is with gaming across the city.

My work was varied and diverse: managing alumni creations, updating the college’s contacts, reaching out to studios for visits, internship opportunities, and play-testing sessions, and revamping the Montreal Game Studio’s image—whether that be creating the website, taking pictures for marketing, or crafting an entire marketing video for the studio.

More of the day-to-do, ongoing tasks included the alumni repository and company contact list. Firstly, the Montreal Campus is pursuing an initiative where we show off the works, whether they be full games from production, pieces of art, or films, made by students who had studied in Montreal. Oftentimes, that requires getting a whole bunch of okays and nods of approval from teachers, the student creators, etc. which can be hefty task.

Jonathan and Champlain Montreal’s Student Life Manager Hannah Cartmel.

In addition, Champlain also tries to always keep in contact with various companies around Montreal. Thus, companies and studios are constantly being added to the master list, especially after major networking events. Contacts and individuals also switch jobs sometimes, and it’s my job to keep the list updated as to where they’ve gone, and if they’ve been replaced.

For the larger projects, I wrote the Montreal portion of the Game Studio website, detailing the incredible opportunities we have up here in terms of connecting with industry professionals. It was a blast to work on, and it was the first instance of my ever working on a website.

I also filmed, interviewed, and edited together a promotional video for Champlain’s Montreal campus! It proved to be another first for me. But it was fun; I love editing video, and it was a project that felt a step up above what I’ve learned in my time with a screenwriting specialization. It’s nice to feel I contributed something special to Champlain’s legacy.

I learned task management from this internship. It’s a valuable skill to prioritize tasks and understand exactly what must be done immediately, and what can be put on the back-burner. None of my prior work experiences really emphasized that aspect of organization, but I’m glad I got a chance to learn under it here in Montreal.

However, the biggest lesson I learned didn’t come from this internship, but the one before. I’d scored an internship with the late Epsilon Games, but they unfortunately went out of business only days before I was set to begin. It was tough news to receive, but it taught me just how unpredictable the game industry can be, and just how valuable adaptivity is.

I’ve learned a great deal as an industry coordinator for Champlain, even if it wasn’t something I’d expected I’d be doing at all. I’ve made some incredible connections with industry professionals around the city along the way, and I had a hell of a lot of fun along the way.