The Office of International Education supports the College’s goal to ensure that our students graduate prepared to be globally engaged citizens with international experience and global perspective. We know that students with international experience are getting higher paying jobs and have greater opportunities for career advancement. Our philosophy is to integrate international education into all aspects of the student experience through the curriculum, study abroad opportunities, foreign language, campus and community programming, internships and service learning.

Champlain Abroad Montreal

In Montreal, you will have numerous opportunities to gain a very unique international perspective on the evolving workplace and the career essentials needed to become a global professional because Canada is the largest trading partner to the United States and Montreal is one of the world’s leading multimedia cities as well as a dynamic business and design center.

Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Champlain Abroad Montreal gives you professional, cultural and dynamic experiences. Here are just a few examples of what you can do:

  • Explore the city and visiting some of the festivals, museums, and cultural landmarks through field trips.
  • Enhance your resume by interning internationally.
  • Take experiential courses to learn about Montreal, New England’s northern neighbor.
  • Learn to speak French through Montreal’s individualized Conversational French course.
  • Study in Montreal through the summer at Champlain Montreal’s Summer Program.

For more information, contact The Office of International Education at oie@champlain.edu


IMG_1897The Academic Center is a four story building located at 525 SherbAC - 05 copyrooke street East and is right next to the Sherbrooke metro station and 24 bus, which runs along the longest street in Montreal. Inside students have access to a computer lab, a kitchen/lounge area, classrooms and administrative offices. Come by and say hi!


imagesThe UQAM Residence is located right in the heart of the Montreal at 2100 Saint-Urbain Street. Head south on Saint-Urbain street and you hit Montreal’s China Town and the Old Pot district. To the west is the HI121968311downtown business district where shopping and entertainment are in abundance. To the north is the glorious Mont-Royal and walk east and in less than 15 minutes you will be at the academic center.

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