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Geneviève Lord, Director, Montreal

lord_genevieve[1]With a background in programming, IT and International Business complemented by an MBA from McGill University, Geneviève was previously IT Consultant and Director for 11 years while living in five countries. She then became a game producer and senior game director for Ubisoft and A2M (Behaviour) in Montréal. Read more…


Ryan Hipgrave, Assistant Director, Montreal

Ryan Hipgrave ProfileAfter spending his formative years all over Southern Ontario, Ryan returned to his birthplace of Toronto to attend Humber College’s prestigious Comedy Writing and Performance program in 2001. Upon graduating, Ryan replanted his family’s roots in Montreal to pursue more academics and the performing arts. For the better part of a decade, Ryan has worked in various student service roles. He comes to Champlain College after spending six years in McGill University’s Campus Public Safety unit. In 2015, Ryan graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Concordia University, where he focused on how politics, law, culture, and society are interconnected. A diehard lover of all things pop culture, Ryan’s interests include Scorcese films, The Sopranos, the history of American Music, and the Montreal food scene. An avid traveler, Ryan recently visited Malta, Italy, Louisiana, Texas, and goes to Chicago (his other favorite city) at least once a year. As Montreal is his chosen home, Ryan is a passionate champion of this amazing city.

Hannah Cartmel, Residence & Activities Coordinator, Montreal

Hannah is a languages graduate from the UK. She studied French and Spanish at the University of Southampton and is very passionate about travelling and meeting new people. She spent two years teaching English in a secondary school in Rivière-du-Loup and has spent many summers working with international students at second language summer schools. Hannah enjoys discovering new places and different cultures. Her hobbies include playing team sports such as Ultimate Frisbee, Netball and Tchoukball, making amateur videos and doing yoga.




Alexandre Benoit is currently a producer at EA Mobile working on the Tetris and Alexandre BenoitScrabble franchise lines for iPhone and other platforms. He has been with Electronic Arts for 6 years. During that time he has specialized in quality assurance, game deployment management, office and management operations, and production. The dynamic and fast-moving mobile games industry has provided him with exceptional opportunities to indulge his lifelong passion for gaming and his enthusiasm for quality. Read more . . . 


Patrick BoutotAfter a short time working as an educator Patrick Mathieu Boutot start working in the video game industry at Ubisoft Entertainment Montreal. He works on critically acclaimed game like Assassin’s Creed and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. Very technical, Patrick did multiple lectures and training courses for the gaming community. Patrick is currently working at WB Games Montreal.


Denis has always believed in lifelong learning—through teaching! He started as a caddy master teaching teenagers to become expert caddies, then on to coaching hockey to young athletes, and finally moving on to teaching the fine skills of public speaking and debating to high school students. His learning through teaching has continued in a 30-year teaching career in French, punctuated by a 10-year period as a school administrator, where he was responsible for teaching and guiding young teachers.


He has worked all over the industry on games such as Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland, Tony Hawk’s Project 8, Gun, FarCry 2, Rango, and is currently employed at Funcom Montreal as the Principal Character Artist for their upcoming MMO; ‘The Secret World’. Jacque is thrilled to be teaching at Champlain College, and hopes to really push the students to new heights.



Eli Charest

Though Elie Charest has been designing games for almost as long as he’s been playing them, it was only 16 years ago he found out you could actually make a living from it. There’s been quite a bit of gameplay since, from pen-and-paper RPGs (Heavy Gear, Jovian Chronicles) to license-based console games (Scooby-Doo, My Sims Racing, Rango), including a 10-year stint as level designer, lead game designer and creative director for Montreal-based A2M and its Chilean Studio Wanako. Recently, Elie has been setting up his own independent studio,Miralupa, with two college friends. The new studio recently released its first title, Chromian Wars, an augmented reality tank battle game for the iPhone/iPad.


Carmen CristeaCarmen holds an M.A in French Studies from the University of Bucharest, Romania, and has recently completed her Ph.D at the University of Montréal. As well as teaching for Champlain, Carmen teaches French literature, language, and culture at Dawson College. Her main areas of research are francophone literature and Belgian woman’s writing in French. She has also contributed to several academic volumes on contemporary francophone literature.


Patrick Fortier

Patrick has been actively working in the gaming industry for over 11 years. Although he would have loved to enjoy an academic training in game development, that was not an option at the time. Instead, Patrick majored in translation (with a minor in literature) and although there was no direct link with gaming, the experience still developed the writing and organizational skills that were to become so useful later on when he entered the industry. Read more …



Xavière started to work in the video game industry 10 years ago at Ubisoft Montréal after completing a Master’s Degree in Project Management. She also worked for 5 years at Behaviour Interactive on games such as Indiana Jones and Naughty Bear, as well as at THQ Montréal on Patrice Désilets’ game. She is currently working at Ubisoft Montréal as a production manager on a very anticipated new IP: For Honor. As well as teaching at Champlain College, she has given classes at Campus Ubisoft.


Vincent’s main responsibility is to ensure a 3d modeling expertise in the area of video game Vince Joyalenvironments. He has 9 years of experience in the field and 7 shipped titles. He also is currently working as a Senior Artist at Square Enix-Eidos in Montreal on the much-awaited “Thief” Franchise. He previously served as an Artist for Liquid Entertainment, California in 2007 – Ubisoft, Casablanca in 2005 – Ubisoft, Montreal in 2004 and Strategy First, Montreal in 2003. Vincent enjoys traveling and has a great passion for old 70s kung fu movies and Japanese animation.


Guillaume has been a multimedia designer and programmer since he graduated from Ecole Polytechnique Montreal in 2004. He is the president and founder of Space&Dream, a company dedicated to the creation of interactive/immersive experience, some of which have toured the world. He is also very dedicated to education and technology transfer. Read more…


After finishing a Bachelor in Computer Science at McGill in 2012, Aurélie Le Chevalier joined Ubisoft as an AI programmer. Since then, she has worked in UI and in gameplay systems on a variety of projects like Rainbow Six, Child of Light, and For Honor.




Nicolas finished his Bachelor’s in Computer Science at University of Montreal in Nicolas LewisJanuary 2000.  Having done an internship at Nortel in his final year, he did a Master’s Degree in Computer Vision, on computer assisted surgery.  In 2002 he was hired at EA Mobile, originally known as Jamdat.  He worked there as a Framework Developer for about five years.  There he assisted in creating many tools such as a C++ to Java compiler, a byte code optimizer (games had to fit in 64KB, including images and sounds) and even a ray tracer in Simple RISC assembler. Read more…


Rehab Mahmoud MA is a human and organization learning facilitator. She is passionate about people, learning, and growth; a passion that inspired her practice throughout a career journey in the domain of learning and development. She worked as a consultant, facilitator, trainer, university teacher, and program manager. She has a special interest in the art of hosting, systems thinking, group dynamics and conversations as a way of knowing.


Originally from France, Emmanuelle left her native country to discover the emmanuelle-mansartworld and fell instantly in love with Montreal. She studied Business and Economics at HEC Montreal and worked as a teaching assistant for macroeconomics and microeconomics classes, in French, English, and Spanish. She also spent time living in Uruguay and travelling as much as she could, before beginning her career. She loves discovering new cultures, new languages and new food! In her free time, she enjoys practicing yoga, reading, and making new experiences.


Jimmy MansonJim began his academic career in Jamaica in 1980 teaching West Indian history after
earning a diploma in education from McGill University. Upon returning to Canada, he completed a Master’s degree at Concordia University in 1983. His MA thesis dealt with U.S. foreign policy towards Cuba after the Spanish – American War. During the remainder of the decade, Jim taught in the Quebec public school system and freelanced as a sportswriter for The Canadian Press. Read more …


Mark is a new faculty member of Champlain College. He is a lecturer of business Mark_Medicoff[1]communication at the John Molson School of Business at Concordia University, where he received the distinguished teaching award in 2001. He has also taught small group dynamics at Dawson College. Read more…


As the the founder of Discoglobe Interactive Inc., Jill Murray has contributed narraative design and game writing to VR titles Fated (Frima), and Time Machine VR (Minority Media), hacking adventure, Mainlining (Rebelephant Games), teen dating simulator, LongStory (Bloom), RPG Moonhunters (Kitfox Games), and multiplayer fps, Lawbreakers (Boss Key Productions). Her career in games began at Ubisoft Montreal, where she worked on Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012, and several entries for the Assassin’s Creed franchise. In 2013, she won a Writer’s Guild of America Award for Outstanding video Game Writing for her work on Assassin’s Creed: Liberation.


Serguei MokovSerguei A. Mokhov had obtained his PhD from Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, where he completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Computer Science and Information Systems Security. Dr. Mokhov’s diverse research interests include intensional programming, distributed and autonomic computing, digital forensics, information systems security, AI, software engineering, and computer graphics. His PhD dissertation had to do with Intensional Cyberforensics. Read more…


Sylvain has been working as a game designer in the video game industry for unnamedseveral years. His work has focused mainly in the field of serious games by producing pedagogical video games for Disney, Renault, Aéroports de Paris, among other organizations. Meanwhile, his experimental, non-commercial productions have been presented at several game exhibitions. Since 2013, with a background in computer science, in game design, and in psychology, he has become PhD candidate with the TAG (Technoculture Art and Games) Research Center. He conducts research between game design and cognitive psychology, focused on the induction of emotions in video games, especially through playful situations and without strong narrative context.



Rodolphe ReccaWith 15 years of experience in the video game industry, 10 of which are as Lead Game Designer, Rodolphe’s focus is on developing interesting, original concepts for casual and hardcore players from pitch to development and on all gaming platforms. Read more …



jamieronsonJamie has a Master’s degree in Economics, and spent time working in Brazil and in Ottawa prior to her current position as an Economic and Financial Analyst at Bombardier Aerospace. In her free time, she enjoys running, practicing yoga, and planning her next travelling adventure.



Noe SardetNoé has always been fascinated by visuals: images and films. By combining creativity and technical skills he found his balance during his training and later in his professional practice as a multimedia designer and audiovisual producer. He finds inspiration in contemporary art forms such as graffiti, music and video art. Read more …



Sophie Samson ProfileSophie has been working in the video game industry for the past 9 years, working as an animator and vfx artist at BHVR. She’s worked on both realistic and cartoon games including Indiana Jones, Monkey Quest and various mobile games. For the past 5 years, Sophie has been working mostly with Unity, producing characters, objects and VFX animations. She loves her job and considers herself very lucky to be working in such an entertaining field! Prior to this, Sophie studied both traditional animation and 3D animation at Cégep du Vieux Montreal for a total of 5 years of studies, as well as the complete production of two short movies.


Susan SemenakSusan Semenak is a journalist at The Gazette, Montreal’s English-language daily, where she writes about food, design and social trends. Her writing and food styling also appear in Organic Gardening Magazine and  on CTV television. She is also the author of Market Chronicles: Recipes & Stories from Montreal’s Marché Jean-Talon  (Editions Cardinal 2011), which  features her stories, recipes and illustrations.   It won numerous  awards, including the International Association of Culinary Professionals’ Judge’s Award and the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards’ prize in the local cuisine category. Away from work, you’ll find her in the mosaic studio or the garden.



Mark Slutsky is an award-winning writer and director based in Montreal. His shorts Never Happened (2015) and Sorry, Rabbi (2011) both premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, with the former making its international premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival 2016. His short The Decelerators (2012) was made a Vimeo Staff Pick in 2013 and was featured across the web on sites such as io9 and BuzzFeed. In 2013 he also co-directed and produced the animated short I’m One, Too! for the 44th season of Sesame Street. His feature work includes co-writing and co-producing the comedy Peepers (EOne, 2010) and writing the documentary The Fruit Hunters (Eyesteelfilm, 2012) with director Yung Chang. He is currently developing a feature version of The Decelerators with Depth of Field films in Los Angeles, and the feature You Can Live Forever with Prospector Films in Montreal. He is also the creator of the acclaimed web project Sad YouTube, which has been featured in Newsweek, Slate, NPR’s On the Media and elsewhere around the world.


Jeff is a Montreal-based technology enthusiast with over 15 years of experience in headshot-champlainthe software industry. His work has crossed several fields, including real-time and photorealistic computer graphics, computer aided design (CAD), large-scale content creation applications, the modern web platform (HTML5 and WebGL), distributed systems, and software-as-a-service architectures. He has contributed in these areas at Softimage, Autodesk, Google and Lagoa – a Montreal startup acquired by Autodesk. His current role is that of Senior Software Development Manager at Autodesk, where he is managing a team of engineers bringing professional CAD tools to the web. He has a bachelor of mathematics in computer science from the University of Waterloo.

Jeff is passionate about the intersection of advanced algorithms and mathematics, and their applications to professional tools and games. He is actively interested in 3D graphics, special effects, numerical simulation (fluid dynamics & rigid body dynamics), AI, compiler design, modern software engineering practices, computational geometry, distributed systems, and web-based delivery of applications. He hopes to share these passions through teaching at Champlain College.


vansertima_adam_sm[1]Adam writes about digital games and interactive art. His  academic background is in philosophy and art history. He is a PhD student via the INDI (Individualized Program) with the TAG (Technoculture Art and Games) Research Center, at Montréal’s Concordia University.  Read more…



Shona has been teaching environmental science at Champlain since 2010. She studied Wildlife Biology at McGill University, and completed her Masters in Environmental Management. She has over six years’ experience in sustainability education, and enjoys bringing students on field trips to aid their learning. She has been recognized for her leadership skills, attention to detail, and enthusiasm. She also loves gardening, hiking, and beekeeping.


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