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Professional opportunities

International business students visit with the German Consulate General in Fall 2016.

Are you a Marketing or Business student? Montreal has many great opportunities to offer Champlain students. Companies such as Google and Warner Bros. Games have chosen Montreal as one of their homes and they share this great city with the likes of Autodesk Media and Entertainment, Deloitte, Bombardier, Cirque du Soleil, Ericsson, IBM, Merck Frosst, Technicolor, Ubisoft Montreal Studios… Visit Montreal Internationals website for stats and information about Montreal’s booming international business culture.

During the semester in Montreal, students will have the opportunity to:

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An internship in Montreal can really impact a student’s semester by providing local contacts, professional experience, additions to portfolios or resumes, and a place to learn more about the culture of Montreal!

Billy St.Louis (International Business ’15)

Business and Marketing students who have pursued internships during their semester abroad have found themselves working in a variety of companies. They’ve landed internships at places like  Ecorce, FAST, INM, Cafa, Origin Snow, and, ico-D (International Council of Design, formerly Icograda), to name a few. Check out our internship page to find out more!

Internship Testimonials

International Business

  • Read about Emily’s internship at Alex H Restaurant
  • Read about Billy’s internship as International Education Program Assistant
  • Read about Shelby’s internship at Cafa Corporate Finance


  • Read about Zachary’s at Minority Media
  • Read about Ryan’s internship at Origin

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Business conferences and events in Montreal

Speakers at Desautels Women in Business Conference

Many conferences are held in Montreal throughout the year in different industries. To further improve your experience in Montreal, here are some events that you could participate in.

  • The National Women in Business Conference (NWBC) is a unique professional development and networking event that brings together more than 150 of the brightest students from across Canada. (January-February)
  • The Canada Finitech Forum is a unique annual gathering organized by Finance Montréal whose primary objective is to identify and develop business opportunities for global financial services and information technology industries. (February)
  • C2 Montreal is the largest innovation conference in the world. (May)
  • The Montreal Networking Group strives to bring individuals together that can help one another grow in their professions.  Meeting key individuals from all industries can help you bring back ideas to your projects.

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