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AIEA Comes To Montreal

By Hannah Cartmel (with files from Ryan Hipgrave) During the last week of February the Association of International Education Administrators held their annual conference in Montreal. The staff at Champlain Abroad in Burlington and Montreal jumped at the chance to put on an event to show off what we do at Champlain Montreal. Champlainers make […]

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Having No Money and Having Fun Anyway

Naomi at ComicconWe’re at week 4 of our Montreal session, and everyone is pretty settled in. Our rooms are starting to look more like actual humans live there, and I’ve finally caught on to which way I need to turn the keys. Unfortunately, living in Montreal is fearsomely expensive, and I quickly ran out of funds after the first few rounds of groceries and miscellaneous events. Continue reading

Prioritizing My Time in Montréal

IMG_2109The first three weeks living in Montréal have been a flurry of non-stop activities. Every week brings with it a new set of optional events that are planned for students, in addition to a ton of interesting things you’ll want to check out around the city on your own time. Continue reading

Supply Chain Management Conference

McGill University’s 12th Annual Supply Chain Management Conference was focused on the challenges of operating in an emerging economy.  A select group of senior supply chain management executives from some of the leading North American enterprises brought their unique insights on how this is playing out in their respective companies and industries. One speaker remarked on […]

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