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The Best Field Trips You’ll Ever Take!

By Ethan Moore Photos by Eva Fahantidou & Ryan Hipgrave Hey everyone, Ethan here! One of the main attractions of coming to Montreal is the allure of a new country and all the differences it brings. But of course, only seeing one city gives you a very tiny peek into what that country really is […]

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La Baleine Blanche: Moby Dick…en français!

By Emma Campbell The French language is a beautiful and captivating one. For those of us here in Canada, it is also a staple of Montreal living. Everywhere you go there’s a “bonjour” or a “merci,” which is why French 1 and Conversational French both count as COR credits. It’s a real part of the […]

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To Meet One’s Goddess

sonoramaAbout a month ago I wrote about my ongoing quest to find a dirty French record called L’Histoire de Melody Nelson. I intended on continuing that quest, but then I didn’t, I wrote about something else instead. Well I have a confession to make. (I think 90% of the things I write involve some kind of confession. Maybe that is the point of writing.) Continue reading

The Cold Approach

CrowdedStreet Anyone who has spent some time with me knows I’m a pretty chatty person. I like to go through the complete script of small-talk when I first approach someone: “Hey, how’s it going? I’m doing well, thanks!”. It’s a kind of ritual for me, and I especially like having variations in the script available to me. “Hey or “Hi”, “How are you” or “What’s up”, etc. Continue reading

LAN 215: La Grande Bibliotheque

GB_oct-2009_smDear future scholar and Montreal resident, If you’re looking for a place to hit the stacks, the “Grande Bibliotheque” is less than a block away from the academic building. It doesn’t look like a library, with its glass sides and sharp, modern corners. At least, not for those of us used to brick Victorian buildings with creaky floors and 100 years of dust in the dark spaces. Continue reading