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23 Reasons to Study Abroad in Montreal

By Amanda Gates (GDES ’19)

[Throughout the Spring ’18 semester, Social Media Ambassador Amanda has explored Montreal and its many hidden corners. Here she gives her best reasons as to why students should consider coming up here with the Champlain Abroad program]

1. New way of living

College dorms can be boring. Picture this instead: hotel-style rooms, kitchens, and freedom. Continue reading

On Ice – Skating Mount Royal

By Laura Reilly (EGPR ’18)

Laura demonstrating her slightly-better-than-average skating abilities. (Photo: Silas Baker)

Back in Burlington, receiving Facebook invites for RA events as a Junior isn’t as exciting as they were in the first year of college. Admittedly, while making paper cranes in the common room with some friends is stress relieving, it isn’t exactly something you’d look forward to all week (or maybe it is, if you’re really devoted to paper cranes). In Montreal, those Facebook invites are something to get excited about. From the pub crawl during Orientation Weekend to traveling to the top of Mont Royal, the RA’s and staff here have got it down. In such a busy city with so much to do, how can you pass up any opportunity?

Last weekend our RA’s Matt, Haley, and Natalie brought us up to Mont Royal Park, where the group Les amis de la montagne (The Friends of the Mountain) offers any winter activity you can think of. From snowshoeing or cross country skiing to ice skating, rentals for equipment is affordable and the park is open all day!

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The Curling Challenge

curlingCurling.  A sport where you slide big rocks across ice and try to land near a target.  Sounds pretty easy right?  Not so much.  On October 21st, a few of us champlainers ventured to the Royal Montreal Curling Club to try out the chilly sport.  As soon as we walked in, a very serious woman told us to all go into the changing rooms and change into our curling attire.  None of us knew what that meant, so we kind of all just walked into the changing rooms and pretended to change our shoes. Continue reading

Curling: “How Social the Game, and How Manly!”

Photo edited with https://www.tuxpi.comThose are the words that hang over the official rink of the Royal Montreal Curling Club. Established in 1807, back when people were outside throwing rocks down the ice of the ST. Lawrence River, it’s since become a place for people to eat, drink, and throw 40 pound stones at each other to see who can get it closest to the center of a huge target on the other side of the ice. Continue reading

IF3 International Ski Film Festival By John Desmond

Opening Night: A Feast For the Eyes Celebrating its 5th year in existence, Montreal’s hosting of the International Free Ski Film Festival (IF3) is the biggest gathering of independent producers and directors in skiing drawing more people with each growing year.  In essence, the festival is a weekend-long rush of pros, parties and of course, some […]

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Writing the City experiences hockey in Montreal

For my Writing the City final, my three classmates and I got the opportunity most Montrealers don’t ever get. We got to see a Canadiens hockey game from the 5th row off the ice! Samantha, Nicole, Erica, and I (Kayleigh) had so much fun cheering on our teams, watching the fans, and watching the game. […]

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