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Game Entrepreneurship course in Montreal

By Donovan Garcia-Buckler (He/Him) (Game Production Management ‘22) A little about background about me: I’m a third year Game Production Management Major at Champlain College. I have had the wonderful opportunity to take the Game Entrepreneurship class during the Fall 2020 semester (more about that experience below), and I am taking the second course of […]

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Moving to Canada After Graduation

By Amelia Payne (Game Programmer ’21) Canada is a unique country, as beautiful as it is diverse. Whether you crave an exciting nightlife, beautiful hiking and wildlife or anything in between, Canada delivers. Metropolitan cities like Toronto and Vancouver offer job opportunities, thriving nightlife, and a high standard of living.   Outside the big cities, you’ll […]

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Alumni interview series: Jack Storm

Taking Montreal by Storm: An interview with Jack. By Amelia Payne (Game Programmer ’21) Jack Storm (Game Programming ’16), is a Champlain college alumni who studied in Montreal and later landed a job in the city. He shared his thoughts during a zoom interview giving tips on how to make the most of your time […]

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Adjusting to Remote Learning

By Hannah Mata (Game Art ’21) With the COVID-19 pandemic going on, this has been a strange and confusing time for everyone. I’ve never had to go into quarantine or work remotely as I’m sure many others hadn’t yet experienced, so my advice is fairly new and still being developed as the days go on. […]

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Food and Budgeting in Montreal

By Julia Broman (Game Art ’21)

For some, Montreal is the first time when grocery shopping has become a priority. If you’ve never lived on your own before and have had to shop and cook for yourself, the idea of moving to a new city in a different country and having to deal with groceries may seem a little daunting. The goal of this guide is to help those who want a little guidance, or help those who just want to become a little more organized with their monthly spending. This is mostly focused on groceries and recipes, but along with this is a monthly budgeting worksheet that includes various areas of expenses, such as bills, clothing, etc.

Coming to a bustling city such as Montreal, it’s extremely tempting to go and try all of the great restaurants it has to offer. Foods from around the world are available, from tiny family-run businesses to large chains. As much as it’s highly encouraged to try new things, dining out isn’t the best for your wallet in the long run, so it’s important to give yourself a monthly limit (and stick to it). The best way to reduce stress about what and how you’re eating is to plan ahead and budget. Let’s go!

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Exploring Montreal’s historical neighbourhood

By John Connelly (Game Programming ’21) 

During my month living in Montreal, I have learned a lot about the culture of the city, and a little bit about Canada itself too.  Whether it is from pub quizzes, metro architecture tours, exploring the city or maybe from my CORE classes Food Writing and Emerging Media in Montreal, there has always been an opportunity to learn more about the city I chose to study abroad in.  I’ve learnt history tid-bits, metro facts, cool places to eat, fun slang for sesame seeds and so much more. Montreal has such a vibrant culture that you can get swept into it so quickly, and love every minute of it.  

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Getting Here, Getting There: Taking the Montreal Metro to Class

By John Connelly (EGPR ’21)

When doing your study abroad semester in Montreal, getting to campus may be a little more of an adventure than what you are used to. If you lived on campus in Burlington, this could be a big difference, since what used to be a quick walk to get to class has become a little journey.  If you want to just walk it, it’s not so bad in the summer, but it might not be that fun come winter to brave a 35 minute walk through the Montreal cold. But if getting there by foot is not for you, there is a much faster way to get to class, where a 35 minute walk is transformed into a 15 minute subway ride. That’s right, public transportation. Continue reading

Jails, Beavertails, and Adventures: A Look Into the Spring 2019 Ottawa Trip

JJ Robertson (GART’20) and Mitchell Zasa (GPROD’20) walking though the Ottawa Jail.

By Liana Sterling (INT ‘20)

Sleeping in a haunted jail hostel is not the only wild experience one can have in the city of Ottawa. As the capital of Canada, there are many things to do from historical tours, to the endless good food, and it’s only a 2 ½ hour bus ride away! On our recent weekend trip to Ottawa, we experienced it all. We toured the House of Commons, part of the cluster of governmental parliament buildings where committee meetings occur and laws are made. We toured the National Gallery, one of Canada’s premier art galleries with art from native tribes, local artists, as well as artwork from notable artists from around the world. We got lost in one of the largest malls in Ottawa, and ate the Canadian sweet-tooth delicacy also known as beavertails, fried dough covered with an assortment of toppings. Continue reading

The Internship Chronicles: Brett

By Brett Schwartz (GPROD ’20)

During the Fall 2018 Semester, Brett interned at Minority Media Inc. as a Management and Marketing intern.

Brett Schwartz (GPROD ’20)

During my time studying abroad in Montreal I worked at Minority Media Inc. as a
Management and Marketing Intern. It’s a relatively small studio that continued to shrink during my time there. Our studio is a single flat with two office spaces and a meeting room connected to the center room, and the over all floor is shared with another software development agency and a publishing studio. So as one could imagine, Minority Media isn’t a very large crowd but its collective unit has got over fifty years of experience working in all aspects of their collective industry. The core business team remains together as their projects evolve, but the development team seems to change with key members working for a few years and then moving to another place in the industry. Through it all has been Stella, the maleficent office dog

Minority Media was formed eight years ago by Vander Caballero and Julien Barnoin.
They quickly became recognized in the VR development sector for their commercial success with Papa & Yo. Following this, they continued to stand by VR game development despite the failures it faced in commercial acceptance. Minority had adapted by developing for Continue reading

The Internship Chronicles: Emmett & John

By Emmett Friedrichs (GDES ’20) and John Kornet (GPROG ’20)

During the Fall 2018 Semester, two of our students interned at Ludiq, located at theGameplay Space here in Montreal.


Throughout the semester I have been a Prototype Developer Intern at Ludiq located at the Gameplay Space in Montreal, CA. As a company Ludiq consists of three main staff members Lazlo the founder and head of the company, Hassan in charge of marketing, and Andy an additional programmer. Ludiq began as a tool creation group for the Unity3D Asset Store, their first product named Chronos Time Control was a Unity asset tool that allowed developers to easily control time within their projects. After the products success, Lazlo then began working on the companies next big product named Bolt. Bolt is a visual scripting plugin and has been widely successful within the asset store as a primary go-to for developers that want to quickly prototype or code using widgets similar to the Unreal Engine. Due to this Continue reading