Design and Graphic Design

Professional opportunities

Katie Boynton (GDD ’17) interning at HRVST.

Montreal was officially designated a UNESCO City of Design in 2006. And no wonder, just look at what Montreal has to offer as stated on their website:

Design is undeniably a strategic force in the city, reflected in some $750 million in economic benefits and approximately 21,720 jobs generated by this sector. Moreover, 65.3% of the Québec design industry workforce resides in the Montréal region. Design is the leading sector in the cultural industries, with benefits that amount to 34% of the total economic impact of culture… Montréal is the only city in North America to have established a Design Commissioner position within its administration. In existence since 1991, the job is dedicated exclusively to the development and promotion of design in the city.

During the semester in Montreal, students will have the opportunity to:

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Sophia Penna (GDDM ’19) with her supervisor Ryan at Rank Media Agency

An internship in Montreal can really impact a student’s semester by providing local contacts, professional experience, additions to portfolios or resumes, and a place to learn more about the culture of Montreal!

Graphic Design students who have pursued internships during their semester abroad have found themselves working in a variety of companies. They’ve landed internships at places like  Rank Media Agency, HRVST Media Collective, EyeSteelFilm, Parafilms and Icograda (now called ico-D – International Council of Design), to name a few. Check out our internship page to find out more.

Internship Testimonials

  • Read about Sophia’s internship at Rank Media Agency
  • Read about Katie’s internship at Hrvst
  • Read about Brianna’s internship at ParaFilms
  • Read about Jack’s internship at KNGFU

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Design Conferences and Events

An immersive exhibit at the IX Symposium

Many conferences are held in Montreal throughout the year in different industries. To further improve your experience in Montreal, here are some events that you could participate in.

The ico-D International Council of Design advertises events here.

The Association of Registered Graphic Designers is a non-profit, professional association that represents over 3,800 design practitioners, including firm owners, freelancers, managers, educators, and students. Through RGD, Canadian designers exchange ideas, educate and inspire, set professional standards and build a strong, supportive community dedicated to advocating for the value of design.