Bixi_Rene-Levesque_BeaudryThe Montreal bike sharing system known as the Bixi (combination of bike-taxi) is available from April to November and is a great way to experience Montreal or to get from one place to another in a pinch. You will need a credit card to access the bikes and a 250$ deposit is frozen on your card for 24 hours to insure the bike is returned.

Find a station and insert your card and follow the instructions. You can borrow the bikes at 5$ for 24 hours. However, you will need to return the bike back to any available Bixi station after 30 minutes, so that bikes can stay in rotation. You can just pull another bike off the rack (after you’ve returned the one you were just using) if you still need to use the bike to go a bit farther. If you keep the bikes for longer than 30 minutes, you will be charged per minute until you return the bikes.

There is a great app for your phone that will tell you where the nearest Bixi station is located and how many bikes and drop-off spaces are available.

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