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General Information and SERVICES

Montreal staff, including the appointed RAs, will do anything they can to assist in the assurance of every student’s optimal health and safety while here. This can include accompanying students to the clinic or other appointments, as well as help filling out insurance papers.

However, in case of emergency please contact: 9-1-1


The local Police Station

PDQ Station 21
1180 Sainte-Élisabeth Street
[near boul. René-Lévesque]
Montréal (QC)  H2X 3C4
Telephone: (514) 280-0121
Fax: (514) 280-0621

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Emergency assistance:

There is a 24 hour assistance center available to Champlain Montreal students with Tracom Center at  514-438-3033.

Counseling Services:

The Argyle Institute is a Montreal based counseling and training center that has been serving the community for 30 years. Champlain Montreal recommends this center with the support from the Counseling Center on the Burlington Campus.

If you want assistance lining something up, Gigi Danforth is available to assist in making the first appointment and accompany you to the offices.

Argyle Institute (  in Montreal (map:

Gigi can also help you understand the reimbursement process, or you can find the claim form to be submitted by following this link:

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