In the extensive research Champlain has conducted over many years with the business community and public-sector organizations, “Global Appreciation” has emerged as an essential competency employers seek in their employees.
Champlain has taken a highly proactive position on cultivating this competency by ensuring that the College has embedded pioneering international learning across the curriculum.
Experiences living in another country will make you more culturally sensitive, both personally and professionally, and give you a better grasp of the international policies, complexities, and power of other cultural narratives.


As a top city in the world for media convergence and gaming, as well as the recipient of a prestigious designation as a UNESCO City of Design, Montreal attracts creatively minded students, scholars and professionals year round.
With its networked markets, cultural assets, human capital and high technology, Montreal ranks as a top city in the global innovation economy. For those looking to be a part of evolving developments in global business, IT, media convergence and sustainability, Montreal offers exciting internships and career-related learning opportunities.
Our faculty members are experienced professionals in their respective fields and can facilitate connections with their Canada-based business colleagues, particularly in business and media convergence.


Montreal is the second-largest game development city in North America – the third in the world – and home to two of the most successful game development studios: Eidos Montreal and Ubisoft. In addition, the city has seen an explosion of Game incubators and start-ups in the last few years.

Students in Montreal will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn with game industry professionals as instructors in the classroom.
  • Attend the yearly Montreal International Game Summit in the fall.
  • Attend regular meetings of the International Game Developers Association – Montreal Chapter…        attend regular gaming events in the city
  • Participate in local Game Jams (TAG, Pixelles, Global Game Jam ..)
  • And go on studio tours to companies such as Ubisoft, Eidos, GameLoft, Minority Media.
  • Therefore not only learning how to make games but experiencing it at their doorstep!

To further improve your experience in Montreal, here are some important organizations and events that we highly recommend you participate in.

IGDA Montreal: International Game Developers Association. IGDA-Montreal is here to serve the vibrant game development community in Montreal. As one of the IGDA’s largest and most active chapters, we pride ourselves on our professional level presentations and variety of formats.

Mount-Royal Game Society: The MRGS monthly meetups bring together game enthusiasts from Montreal and beyond to chat about games, play some demos, share a few drinks, and generally keep each other inspired. Game-making experience is NOT required — newcomers are welcome, and encouraged to come say hello!

Technoculture, Art and Game: Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) is an interdisciplinary centre for research/creation in game studies and design, digital culture and interactive art based at Concordia University in Montréal.

MRGS: Mount Royal Game Society is an online community of gamers. There are often postings for other events and jobs on there too!

GamePlay Space: Lots of events are hosted here, it is worth looking at their events calendar or following them on FB.

Pixelles is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering more women to make and change games. Pixelles organizes free monthly workshops, a mentorship program for aspiring women-in-games, game jams, socials and more. Events are open to all. – A resource for women in the tech field, Montreal Girl Geeks holds some pretty sweet events, many of which are actually educational and fulfilling rather than just being about playing video games.

Gaymer Zone (FB group) – Gaymer Zone is all about bringing to the LGBTQ+ community through their shared love of video games, with each event focusing on a particular game. There is also Montreal Gaymers.


Global Game Jam:  January

Montreal Joue:  Feb – March

Comiccon:  July

MIGS (Montreal International Game Summit):  November

MEGA (Montreal Expo Gaming Arcade): November

Geekfest Montreal: November

Gameloop:  December

There are also great places you can go to play games in the city:

Retro gaming bar Foonzo (1245 Drummond) – Old school consoles can be found at a number of tables, and there are even some board games in the mix.

Randolphe Pub Ludique (2041 St. Denis) is a veritable board game paradise. Aside from the gigantic selection of games to play, the pub also has great eats. There is a $5 cover to get in and play, but Randolph is well worth the price.

Montreal Forum’s Game Centre (2313 Sainte-Catherine West). On the third floor of the Forum you’ll find an arcade and bar combo that you can’t really find elsewhere in the city. Over 100 games are playable in the Game Centre, from skee ball to House of the Dead.  

About three times a month, ArcadeMTL (2019 Moreau #312), a community group comprised of Montrealers who are passionate about gaming, hold public gaming events that everyone can attend. Each event is centered on a specific game or genre. Check the Facebook group regularly for upcoming events.

Board games, figurines & shopping

Whatever game you’re into, from Magic to HeroClix, Chez Geeks (1663 Saint-Denis) has you covered, at least when it comes to the card-based variety of games. You can even pre-order an upcoming expansion through the store.

Boasting a wide selection of board and card games, L’Valet de Cœur (4408 Saint-Denis) has more than you could really want out of a geek store. Anytime you need a new addition to games night with your crew, this is the place to go.

Toys on Fire (1539 Van Horne) is all about figurines of every sort, though they do have a focus on superheroes.

Boutique Geekatorium (4323 Saint-Denis) houses plenty of clothes, backpacks and accessories.

Everyone loves onesies; they come in geek-centric varieties like unicorns, dragons, and various cartoon characters. Montreal-based onesie manufacturer Kigurumi (online store) will hook you up with whatever geek-tacular onesie you want, but you’ll have to order online.

Comic book stores

Librarie Astro (1844 Sainte Catherine W) is the largest comics dealer in Quebec, which means they have volume, and give discounts on reserves/subscriptions. They sell books (used, mostly English, mostly popular fiction), comic books (including Manga) and cards games. You can also order in.

1,000,000 Comix (1418 Pierce) sells Comics, Toys, Cards and all collectibles.

Librairie Crossover Comics (3560 Notre-Dame W) is a store and website dedicated to informing people about comics. We have many features ranging from help for people new to comics all the way up to the seasoned comic reader who probably knows more than we ever will.

Montreal’s oldest and largest comic book store is Capitaine Québec (1837D Sainte Catherine).

Millenium is a comic book store in Montreal, Quebec that specializes in American, French Canadian and French comic books. Our expertise incited us to make a website to make our products accessible online and to offer competitive prices.

Comic Hunter (9675 Papineau #10) offers products online and offline.

Even if you’re not into “artsy” comic books, or comic books at all, walking into Drawn & Quarterly (211 Bernard) is a magical moment anyone can enjoy. D&Q’s selection of titles is wide and eclectic, and they’re also an independent publisher, so you’ll be supporting local artists by buying one of their books!

From Tintin to fantasy titles to westerns, Planète BD (3883 Saint-Denis) has a vast selection of French comic book titles. Anglophones may not find anything they can really read, but the spot is perfect for those who want to practice their French.

Open since 1991, Sci-Fi Anime (1421-B Bishop) has been catering to Montreal’s anime needs for over twenty years. Currently repping Gundam real hard, the store has everything a manga/anime lover could want, including figurines.

Part cafe, part manga library/bookstore, O-Taku (3623 Saint-Denis) is the ideal spot for the manga-lovers. O-Taku also holds regular events, like Super Smash Bros. night and One Piece quiz competition, so you can get social with the Montreal manga-loving community.


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