Design and Graphic Design

Montreal is one of 11 cities around the world to hold a UNESCO City of Design title. And no wonder, just look at what Montreal has to offer as stated on their website:

Design is undeniably a strategic force in the city, reflected in some $750 million in economic benefits and approximately 21,720 jobs generated by this sector. Moreover, 65.3% of the Québec design industry workforce resides in the Montréal region. Design is the leading sector in the cultural industries, with benefits that amount to 34% of the total economic impact of culture… Montréal is the only city in North America to have established a Design Commissioner position within its administration. In existence since 1991, the job is dedicated exclusively to development and promotion of design in the city.

Every year, Montreal design entities open their doors to the public offering a great opportunity to visit these innovative companies, see actual projects in development and speak to the people who are creating these award winning endeavors. Fields of design include architecture, graphic design, industrial design, fashion, interior design and urban planning. Take a look at the highlights of this year’s events here.

Montreal campus takes pride in bringing this international design experience to our students by offering them the chance to intern and gain real world experience at great design companies like ICOGRADA.

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