Digital Filmmaking

Just this summer (2013) X-Men 3 and a film by Wim Wenders staring James Franco were shot in the beautiful city of Montreal. And those are just two of the many film projects that happen here. Montreal’s international caliber film industry employs over 35,000 employees, is host to over 500 commercial and independent companies AND generates an annual average business volume of 1.25 billion dollars. Most recently, Academy award winning post production house, Technicolor announced that it will be opening a new visual effects studio in the Old Port of Montreal, boosting the growing post-production sector by 200 more jobs. Find out more about Montreal’s film industry at the Quebec Film and Television Council website.

And let’s not forget that Montreal is known for its amazing number of different film festivals catering to all film categories, cultures and nationalities, including Fantasia, World Film Festival, FNC, RIDM, Film Black Montreal, Nuits d’Afriques, and so much more.

But how does that help a budding filmmaker? Montreal, only 2.5 hours north of Burlington, hosts over 500 commercial and independent fiction and documentary film companies and as a student, you can be a part of that experience. Past film making students have had the opportunity to broaden their horizons by interning at a few of the many local companies, such as Nomad Industries, Eyesteelfilm and Picture this.  The benefit of interning at an independent company is that you’re directly part of the action and get to experience how the business works from development, production to post-production. Past interns have worked as editors, filming production crew, graphic designers (posters and promotional goods) and in distribution. Check out our internship page to find out more.

There is also the Montreal Summer Film Program. Live in Montreal for two months this summer and study Urban Indie Filmmaking with celebrated Champlain College professor and Hollywood director Rob Schmidt Barracano. Learn more here.

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