Internship Testimonials

Past internship testimonials from the companies:

“All 4 employees are very strong technically, I think it shows well the quality of classes/projects the students do. Even though we prefer to hire locally for entry positions, they are a step above (training wise) local graduates.” —Gameloft, Montreal, Canada

“One of your students now has a permanent job with us and the other two summer interns were excellent artists. They accomplished so much during their internship that if there are open positions when they finish their program at Champlain College, they will be more than welcome (even encouraged) to come back to Funcom.”
Kim Pasquin, Human Resources Manager at Funcom, Montreal, Canada


Past internship testimonials from the students:

Fall 2014

DSC01017 2Sean ’16, Intern – Minority Media
Game Design
Montreal- Fall Semester ’14

As I crossed the Canadian/American border for the first time in my life just a few months ago, I had no inkling of the whirlwind entry into the game industry that awaited me on the other side.  It all started during the taxi ride from the airport upon my arrival.  I was picked up by the program director, Genevieve.  She mentioned an indie studio looking for a game design intern, and I knew I wanted it.  I wanted the chance to prove my skills as a designer and to acquire vital experience that would separate me from the competition in the coming years.  With the invaluable assistance of the Champlain staff and my own determination, I got that chance this fall. Read more …


15317077574_ba3f4ca83b_oCory ’16, Intern – Minority Media
Management of Creative Media, Game Production
Montreal- Fall Semester ’14

Many people think that the games industry is all creative, and while they’re not wrong, there is a huge portion of the video game industry that revolves around business and management. These two things are the part that I like, and that allows me to work in video games alongside some of the most creative people on the planet and not look like an amateur. Which is exactly what I did while working at Minority Media. Read more …


15939329535_149c4bea99_oJoshua ’16, Intern – Hololabs
Management of Creative Media
Montreal- Fall Semester ’14

How to begin to describe working at Hololabs? Its, a unique experience to say the least. I work in a loft apartment off of Avenue de Gaspé. Work is strangely quiet aside from me and my boss talking about marketing projects that we have going. I work at a long table that I have made into my desk. We will eat lunch as a group occasionally but for the most part it’s like we’re separate people in one large room. There’s, Astrid: my boss, and the community manager. Maura: design intern. Steven, whose job description changes depending on the week, Mike the designer programmer, boss of Hololabs and John the programmer. Read more …


photoKelsey ’16, Intern – Champlain College Montreal Program
Business Administration
Montreal- Fall Semester ’14

I am currently in the process of completing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. My hope is to one day own a business. This semester I chose to intern for Champlain College Montreal Campus in their business administration offices. I have really enjoyed my interning experience. On top of working with budgets and spread sheets I also had some odd tasks to complete. It may seem strange to find enjoyment out of such simple tasks, but I did. Read more …


women+in+citiesMelissa ’16, Intern – Femmes et Villes
Professional Writing
Montreal- Fall Semester ’14

I walk into the historic stone building, complete with gargoyles carved over the doors and massive, sweeping windows, and run to catch the elevator door before it slides shut. Once I’ve made it to the office on the eighth floor there’s time to grab a mug of coffee from the breakroom before delving into emails. Read more …


Summer 2014

RyanL1_CCRyan ’14, Intern – Behaviour
Game Art
Montreal- Summer Semester ’14

Man, talk about out of the fray and into the fire. I had no idea my first two weeks at Behaviour Interactive would be so intense. I felt like had no idea what I was doing, what my tasks were, or what the game was supposed to look like. I had never worked on mobile-level graphics before (let alone anything in a real production environment). There was one view of how assets in a game were supposed made in my head. It took awhile for me to throw those preconceived notions out the window. Read more …


539789_580279312043963_1737835675_nKelsey ’14, Intern – Champlain College Montreal Program
Montreal Alumni
Montreal- Spring Semester ’14

I studied abroad in Montreal during the 2013 Spring Semester. While abroad, I was lucky enough to intern at a creative studio called Nomad Industries. I ended up taking a paid position there and stayed for the summer. I went back to school in Burlington to finish my studies in Digital Film-making. As graduation approached, I made the decision to apply for a work visa and move back to Montreal. I didn’t have much of a plan but I knew that I wanted to go back. My first two months back in the city I worked for MTL Blog, one of Montreal’s largest online networks. Read more …


Spring 2014

photoBilly ’15, Intern – Champlain College Montreal Program
International Business
Montreal- Spring Semester ’14

Let me get one thing straight: Champlain College study abroad program in Montreal is not only for “gamers”. If I believed what was being said on campus in Burlington, I would have never studied abroad in Montreal. With the city being the hub of major international gaming companies, most of Champlain’s gamers and designers come here to experience the city and take advantage of the great internship opportunities that may arise. However, with the help of faculty and staff, interning in Montreal is equally feasible for all dedicated students regardless of majors. Read more …


Nomad Alison3Alison ’15, Intern – NOMAD Industries
Public Relations
Montreal- Spring Semester ’14

It takes a lot of personal courage to adapt in another country, culture, and community. The first time I was away from home for a long period of time it was uncomfortable for me, but I don’t think I was ready. Now 5 years later being in Montreal I have adapted so well I don’t want to leave. Montreal has become my home in the last few months and it wouldn’t have been the same without my internship at NOMAD Industries. Read more …


Fall 2013

CanvasShelby ’15, Intern – Cafa Corporate Finance
International Business
Montreal- Fall Semester ’13

This semester I have had the pleasure of interning for Cafa Corporate Finance, which is a private investment banking firm. Cafa specializes in mergers and acquisitions, corporate financing, and restructuring. It seems like a mouthful and that it encompasses a lot. And it does! Cafa works with a multitude of clients in a multitude of industries. One would also think this is a large firm, however there are only five employees. Everyone has made me feel welcomed from my very first day and are enthusiastic in helping my education. I’m not the stereotypical image of an intern- I never have administrative work to do. Because I’m not stuck in the copy room, I am able to assist in meaningful ways to both the company and my own education. Read more …


photoNora ’15, Intern – Femmes et Villes
Sociology/Anthropology and French Majors, Ohio Wesleyan University
Montreal- Fall Semester ’13

For the past two months, I have been interning at an organization called Femmes et Villes, or Women in Cities. The organization works around the world but it’s primarily focused in a small neighborhood of Montréal called Parc-Extension, or Parc-Ex. Although it’s next to the rather hip neighborhood of Mile-End, it’s not one of Montréal’s top tourism destinations. The main goal of Femmes et Villes in around the world, and especially in Montréal, is to make women and girls feel safe in their neighborhood, no matter where they are or what time of day it is. Read more …  (*Note: Nora also did a video interview with her own university about her internship experience. Click here to check it out!)


Spring 2013


Kelsey ’14, Intern – Nomad Industries
Montreal- Spring Semester ’13

While abroad, I had a great opportunity to intern at Nomad Industries, a trans-media production company that creates content for a number of different outlets, from the web and television, to events and installations. Nomad aims to explore new media frontiers throughout the world. It is located in a building deemed Nomad Nation, situated in the Montreal Mile-End. Nomad Nation is a two-story building, with both a production and recording studio on the first floor, and office space for artists on the second floor. Here, video artists, animators, editors, graphic designers and the like gather to create. Read more…



Zach ’14, Intern- Minority Media Inc.
Marketing – Game Design
Montreal- Spring Semester ’13

As a Champlain College student, I have had the unique opportunity to design and tailor my major to suit my skills and interests around game design and marketing. This past semester I interned at Minority Media Inc., an independent game developer based in Montreal, Canada. It was founded in 2010 by Vander Caballero, the former Design Director at EA Montreal. Vander started Minority out of a passion for creating alternatives to generic shooter/action games. His vision was to deliver a deep, emotional experience that is rich in content and texture. He recruited like-minded staff from companies like Enix and Ubisoft. From the moment I met the Minority Team, I knew it was a perfect fit. I became Minority’s “Marketing Coordinator.” Read more…



Lindsey ’14, Intern -EyeSteelFilm
Graphic Design & Digital Media
Montreal- Spring Semester 2013

EyeSteelFilm is a documentary film and interactive media company using cinema as a catalyst for social and political change, and their films are meant to empower those who are ignored by mainstream media.  My role at the company was the graphic design intern, where I created various print projects, which was fitting as I aspire to be a print designer.  On my first day, I was asked to create a poster for the film Forest of the Dancing Spirits.  Naturally, I was extremely nervous, as I had never done a project of that nature before.  At the end of the project, in addition to my pride that I had completed the project on time and efficiently, I was definitely excited to hear that all of the posters had been ripped down by spectators at the festival because they were in such high demand! Read more…



Ross ’14, Intern- Hololabs
Game Design
Montreal- Spring Semester 2013

My experience at Hololabs was exciting and amazing!  From the first day to the last, I was contributing to the overall concepts and design of the project Papercade.  I began developing during the conceptual phase and was able to see it all the way through into pre-production.  We developed several playtest demos and mechanics/systems that allowed us to test user experiences and document the feedback to further improve upon Papercade’s design.  This process gave me a glimpse into the real-world production cycle of a small indie-game studio. Read more…



Ryan ’14, Intern- Origin Design and Communications
Montreal -Spring Semester ’13

My semester abroad in Montreal provided me an amazing opportunity to intern with Origin Design and Communications. They are a strategic and creative group of mountain resort, action sports and tourism marketing experts located in Canada. Their headquarters are in Whistler, British Columbia, with a second office in Montreal. My learning objectives for this internship were to gain valuable business experiences, acquire strong insights into Origin Design and Communications and the industry as a whole, and make career-building contacts to further my occupational search in the progress. I can honestly say that this experience was invaluable and more than exceeded my hopes and expectations. Read more…




John ’13,Intern — Écorce
Montreal — Fall Semester ’11

My internship was amazing and I felt that it was a perfect fit. I loved the atmosphere, my coworkers, and the relevant experience I received. Rather than making coffee runs and copying documents, I truly was a member of the Écorce team and directly contributed to campaigns for Écorce clients. Read more…



Jess ’11, Interned at Hunt Refrigeration
International Business
Montreal, Spring Semester 2011

Montreal has it all; it’s not far from home, but still far enough. Plus it’s a city and a completely different culture in a different country. I came here not knowing a single person, so that should not deter anyone else from coming here. It is a small group of people that you instantly become close. My one recommendation for anyone coming to study in Montreal is to find an internship. It will be worth your time and you will make connections that will last forever. It will always look good to future employers that you worked in a different country. Read more…


Nathan Fowler

Nathan ’12, Interned at Concordia’s TAG Lab
Game Design
Montreal – Spring & Summer 2011

Of all my experiences at Champlain College, the best of them were in Montreal. I gained so much both personally and professionally that it’s hard to remember what life was like before I went to Montreal. I began the semester knowing only a few people but ended it with many good friends and a lot of great memories. We had a blast hanging out and exploring the city, which by itself has an amazing amount of things to do. Fortunately for us, the staff at Champlain Montreal did an amazing job of planning activities covering everything from laser tag to snow shoeing. We even got to visit Ottawa and Quebec City, both of which were unforgettable.During the year even the professors took advantage of the city’s vibrance and history with many field trips to museums, historical sites and cultural centers. Read more…


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