Visa Information

Thinking of staying in Montreal over the summer and work? Here are two important links for information about visas. Further questions should be directed to Noah Goldblatt in Office of International Education or to Gigi Danforth at the Montreal Campus.

1.)    NAFTA US-CANADA  Agreement:
Under this work authorization, there are 60 different occupations that are eligible for US Citizens to work in Canada. This agreement expedites the application process by allowing work permits to be issued at the port of entry – the Canadian border. It does not require mailing in documents and waiting. Along with a fee and application, a proof of employment (contract) and a diploma related to the field are necessary.  This is a non-permanent renewable permit. The NAFTA permit can be issued for the length of time specified on the employer contract. Many of our students have used this process when working in Canada. (Only available for those who have graduated)

2.)    SWAP “Work in Canada” Permit:
Unlike the NAFTA agreement, the SWAP permit allows students and/or recent graduates to obtain legal work authorization in Canada. Authorized by the Canadian Government, Work in Canada is a program that allows American college and university students to work in Canada for up to 12 months.  Our students have used this process when applying for internships while still working towards their degrees, or they have used this option upon graduation. Students/Graduates can obtain this authorization in about 2 weeks, and the permit is activated upon crossing the border.

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