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Champlain Montreal Turns 10!

By Karisa Desjardins (BUSA ‘16)

Our amazing student volunteers, who made everything possible! (Hannah Cartmel)

In 2007, Champlain College realized a long-held dream to open a study abroad campus outside the United States. Montreal, Quebec, Canada was chosen not only because of its eclectic mix of languages and cultures, but also due to the city’s exciting learning and professional opportunities in Emerging Media. Since then, Champlain Abroad Montreal has seen more than 600 students pass through its doors, placed 131 interns at companies like Ubisoft and Behavior, and now has over 20 alumni working and living in the city. With all of these achievements and more, it was time to celebrate!

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Picking the Brains of Alums

I have discovered recently that you can have a surprising amount of emotional reaction to the introduction of a few strangers; granted that you make sure they all have a job that you really, really, want.  When we all sat in a circle around the four Alums of legend, I found myself and a few others were staring at the group with strained eyes, curious about the men and women that made it to “the other side”. Continue reading

Advice From Montreal Alums

One of the benefits of being a student at Champlain College is that our alumni often stay very well connected to the college and the student body. I was reminded of how beneficial this trait can be this weekend when a few alums working in Montreal decided to visit us study abroad kids and pass on advice, share stories, and eat pizza. It was quite a bit of fun, and very informative. Continue reading

Ludia: A Cool Place to Work

logo-largeOn Wednesday, September 15th, myself and about 14 students studying here in Montreal got to take a tour through the offices of a local game development company called Ludia. Ludia works in the social gaming market, taking popular brands such as The Price is Right, How to Train Your Dragon, and Jurassic Park and making games out of them, usually on mobile platforms alongside Facebook. Continue reading

My Second Montreal Summer

nomadI studied abroad in Montreal during the 2013 Spring Semester. While abroad, I was lucky enough to intern at a creative studio called Nomad Industries. I ended up taking a paid position there and stayed for the summer. I went back to school in Burlington to finish my studies in Digital Filmmaking. Continue reading

Mont-Royal Sketching

557729_10153229831640612_1352353461_nFor the last few weeks of the summer Fred Hultqvist, the founder of gameartisans.com, ran a weekly Sunday meet up and draw at the local Second Cup coffeehouse. After getting there and seeing the group of people huddled over laptops and sketchpads in the corner, I knew I was in the right place. Lots of local artists were there, some freelance and some working for specific studios, just to sit and hang out with other fantastic artists at Second Cup. Continue reading