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Environmental Architecture

by Mauro Agnellini (MCRM ’18)

It wasn’t instantly evident how a SCI 155 outing to the Canadian Centre for Architecture would be related to global environmental earth science. When mentioning an architecture museum, I imagine most people think about the style of buildings, their historical background and the endeavors of the architect. However, we quickly found out that this wasn’t an ordinary architecture museum . . . if anything, this museum highlights how humans seem to be the architects of their own demise.

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Real Life ‘Chievos

fist pic!Life is a game, that’s what they say. Life is usually compared to timeless strategy games like Chess, Go, or Poker, but life is not like any of those games. For one, the graphics in real life are way better. For two, none of those old games have achievements. Life has achievements, arbitrary things we can do to raise invisible numbers. We like it when the numbers go up. Continue reading