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Walls of Green

By Nicholas Oprisu (GPRO ’19)

Environmental change is a “big” issue, in the sense that it’s something too expansive for me as an individual to influence or change. It’s important, yes, but how is a single person supposed to influence this issue? Do the efforts of little each person really count?

With that in mind, I went with my Environmental Science in Montreal (SCI 155) class to the Concordia Greenhouse, a collectively run and consensus-based nonprofit organization. Their main goal is to promote sustainable horticulture and education through workshops, open exhibits, and a welcoming atmosphere created by the horticulture. They allow other groups to use their space for the purpose of displaying or experimenting with new techniques of growing, adding to the educational diversity it has. The greenhouse itself holds dedicated growing rooms or communal spaces, where more plants can grow in a less controlled environment. The dedicated rooms either held projects by the greenhouse or those who rented it out and growing rooms for specific plants. They are a promoter of the idea of urban agriculture, which is the idea that the urban landscape can work with sustainable growing methods to maximize the usefulness and value of space in cities through rooftop gardens and other urban agricultural solutions, such as smaller-scale greenhouses.

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Greenhouse on the Roof

By Halee Bernier (BUSA ’18)

As our fifth week in wintry Montreal came to an end, we escaped the cold during our Friday morning Environmental Earth science class and visited the Concordia Greenhouse. Just a short metro ride away, and located at Montreal’s second-largest English-language university, it is one of the only rooftop greenhouses in Montreal. The greenhouse creates a very warm and relaxing environment making it the perfect place for students to study and work on homework.

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Mark Medicoff: Communicating Compassion

By Sara DeLoach (PWRT ’17) Mark Medicoff, our Small Group Communications (COM 230) professor at Champlain’s Montreal campus, remembers as a child growing up in Montreal that very little was taught or discussed regarding the ways in which people communicate. Now a professor of business at Concordia University in Montreal as well, Mark notes that […]

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T.A.G. – Meeting New People in a New Country

I first heard of the Technoculture, Arts, and Games through an email. Formerly known as T.A.G., the group is represented by college students at Concordia University who come together to discuss topics such as video games, culture, current events, and other areas of interests. I went on google for the directions, to find that it […]

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