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The Internship Chronicles: Part II

Eva Fahantidou @ Minority Media As a Game Design intern at Minority Media I got to be part of the Time Machine VR development team. The game, which is available on Steam Early Access for the Oculus Rift, tasks the player with examining Jurassic-era creatures in order to save humanity. It is slated for full release in early […]

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In Good Companies: Site Visits in Montreal

By Glynis Burton Execution Labs Execution Labs was the closest game studio to the residence, and was also the first place we went to! I was very exciting to see a company in action. For the Fall 2015 semester, we have one intern at Execution Labs: Daniel Michaud! When you first walk into Execution, it gives off a […]

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Stories From Execution Labs

Mariana1This semester was the first time I ever interned at a video game studio. Before coming to Montreal I had interned at an Irish horror-film production company, and before that in sunny Los Angeles at a marketing agency targeted towards Hollywood movies and television series. Execution Labs was different not only in the content they produced, but also the environment of the studio. Continue reading