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Faculty Interview: Adam Van Sertima

By Megan Hoins (PWRT ’19)

Adam van Sertima has been a professor at Champlain’s Montreal campus for five years and is, in his own words, a “Dad, philosopher, art historian and Games Studies specialist.” I sat down with him to talk about his expansive professional background, his passion for teaching, and his interests in film and video games.

Megan Hoins: Where did you go to college and what was your major?

Adam van Sertima: I went to Concordia University here in Montreal and I double majored in Communication Studies with a focus on Film Production and Philosophy, so I graduated in 1994.

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Shona Watt: Environmental Scientist

By Sara DeLoach (PWRT ’17) Of all the reasons Shona Watt lists as explanation for her initial interest in environmental science, none seem to hinge on her gender. Spending time outdoors, interest in nature, plants, animals–none of these are exclusive to either girls or boys. It is confounding, then, to consider the rest of Shona’s […]

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