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The Yoga Challenge

On a recent Friday evening, students came together and ushered in their weekend by challenging themselves to something new, culturally different, and both mentally and physically demanding- we attended a hot yoga class.  The majority of the gang had never attempted a regular yoga class (performed at room temperature).  In a rather full studio we […]

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Discovering a Canadian Tradition: Curling

A very rich Canadian experience that many Canadians themselves don’t get around to trying is the wonderfully charming sport of curling.  This sport began in Scotland as a spinoff of land bowling in the wintertime.  Since there are deep Scottish roots in Montreal (and the rest of Canada for that matter) there are a good […]

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Rocky Horror Picture Show

This semester, the Champlain Montreal community spent the pre-Halloween weekend putting their heads together in the lab and turning out a game in under 48 hours for the Game Jam put on in Burlington.  For this reason we chose the come together on Wednesday the 31st of October and celebrate Halloween in true fashion- by […]

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Z-Brush Guest Speaker: David Giraud

David Giraud’s School of ZBrush and Wizardry The 3D Modeling 2 class was recently visited by David Giraud perhaps better known by some as his online handle Mojette.  David is a professional ZBrush wizard and was kind enough to share with us some of his art talk to us about his artistic process and making […]

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Salvador Dali Emerges in Montreal

Last Wednesday we jumped on a rather random mid-Wednesday opportunity to view a very special work of art by a very special painter- Salvador Dali.  Dali was known for painting rather large surrealist paintings with fascinating and busy content.   What made this work of art unique are two exceptional characteristics; the painting was 45 feet […]

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Quebec City Visit Fall 2012


Hello, readers. For this week’s blog I’ll be talking about part of our first group trip outside of Montreal. From October 5thto the 7th, we went to the capital of Quebec, Quebec City. I won’t cover much of Friday’s events because I my co-blogger Evan is going to cover that date. But suffice to say, we arrived in Quebec City with no problems; the Greyhound bus we took to get there was comfortable and the ride wasn’t very long, two hours at the most. Continue reading