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A City on the Thaw

By Freeman Fletcher (FILM ’18)

Keanu Reeves, star of John Wick 2, shocked to find out that he is indeed Canadian. (Courtesy: dlisted.com)

The other night, I went to see John Wick: Chapter 2, the sequel to one of the better Hollywood action offerings of the last decade. The sequel is even better. My feelings towards the film aside, one of the most magical experiences I’ve ever had at a movie theater unfurled before my eyes. There is a scene when the titular Wick (Keanu Reeves,  a native Canadian) is beset upon by a female assassin who moonlights as a street violinist. It’s a lot cooler in the movie.

What follows is a good, fun, neck-snappy brawl in a cool, colorful, stylish hallway; lots of back-lighting and changing LEDs. But you know what the best part is? I LIVE WITHIN WALKING DISTANCE OF IT. Yeah, the scene is SUPPOSED to be set in New York but it was shot in Montreal’s very own Place des Arts, a block away from where our student residence!

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Art:

My Summer Internship at Behaviour Interactive

RyanL1_CCMan, talk about out of the fray and into the fire. I had no idea my first two weeks at Behaviour Interactive would be so intense. I felt like had no idea what I was doing, what my tasks were, or what the game was supposed to look like. I had never worked on mobile-level graphics before (let alone anything in a real production environment). Continue reading

Montréal, à bientôt!

ShelbyandNoraPeople always say that a study abroad experience helps you better learn about yourself. They say it because it’s true. I have learned so much during my time in Montréal, and not just in the classroom. I learned from my peers here, I learned from my Québecois roommates, I learned from my internship, and from the people of Montréal. Continue reading

La Banquise bien sur!

logo Hier après midi, Shelby, Nora, et moi (et notre prof de français, Denis) sommes allés au restaurant La Banquise, pour manger de la poutine.

No, don’t worry – this is not all in French.  As stated above (for those of you who do not speak French), our Conversational French class went out for an end of the semester meal yesterday afternoon at La Banquise to get some poutine. Continue reading

Quebec Folk Dancing!

513362f246c77[1]As a sociologist, I’ve done my best to experience the culture of Québec, mostly by repeatedly throwing myself into it. I had the opportunity to meet some actual Montréal residents at the Comic-Con a few months ago, and since then I’ve had the chance to experience a lot more of what the city has to offer. Continue reading

French Theater: Le Mumure du Coquelicot

265_diaporama One of the great things about being in a French-speaking region like Québec is being able to attend movies, plays, and other artistic endeavors in French. The conversational French class, along with Professor Denis Brault, was able to attend a showing of Le Mumure du Coquelicot (English: The Whisper of the Poppy) by Québecois theatre/acrobatics troupe Le Sept Doigts de la Main. Continue reading