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imageWith the semester already half way over, it’s sad to realize we’ll be leaving the amazing city of Montréal sooner rather than later. Although there are still plenty of new and exciting and unexplored parts of the city, Montréal feels like a home now instead of a long vacation. One of the reasons it feels this way is because I’ve settled into a weekday routine. Continue reading

Ottawa in the Fall

Ottawa3“It was a dark and stormy night” as the cab pulled up to the building.  The light from the cab shone onto the decaying brick steps looking up to the ominous building with bars on the window.  We slowly walked toward the building, studying every detail.  It was grey and dreary looking.  The time was finally upon us: it was time to go into the prison…. Continue reading

The St. Leonard Chronicles: Funny, Sad, and Slightly Cathartic

2104-theatre-st-leonard-chronicles St. Leonard Chronicles was a play that took you on an unsuspecting emotional roller coaster. It could change from funny, to sad, to angry, to evoking deep thoughts about life and death…and all in the span of about ten minutes. The play is centered on a family debating about life in Montreal and the stereotypes they are trapped in by their heritage and birthplace. Continue reading

Homesick But Worth It

headacheStudying in another country means having to say goodbye to family and friends for a little while.  You can still keep in touch using Facebook, Skype, texting, and other social media, but it doesn’t end up feeling the same as being around that person.  My sister’s birthday had recently passed and I couldn’t see her because I’m studying abroad while she’s in Maryland going through her freshman year of college.  Continue reading

The Montreal Metro Mash

IMG_2461Montréal is a big city. Much bigger than Burlington, where you can easily walk everywhere if you wish. However, you’d have to have a lot of time on your hands if you wish to do that in Montréal. So how do we get around quickly? We take the metro of course! The Société de transport deMontréal or the STM runs the metro and bus systems. It’s similar to the MBTA or the T in Boston. I’ve used many different metro systems across the United States and Montréal is definitely the easiest to use. Continue reading

The Comfort Zone

whopper-good-image Before coming to Montreal I was accustomed to trips to Burger King, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and the nearest Chinese food establishment.  It’s a completely different story up here.  Montreal is home to hundreds of restaurants all with different backgrounds and styles.  It is actually more difficult to find a Burger King/McDonald’s than to find any other type of restaurant.  This added to the culture shock for me and forced me to search the vast wonderland of tastes around Montreal. Continue reading

An Animal Science Adventure at the Montreal Biodome

IMG_20130913_104850When I thought of the Biodome, what sprang to mind were a few small enclosures each with a different kind of environment with maybe one or two animals each (much like a traditional zoo). However, I got way more then I bargained for when we entered the Montreal Biodome, which was filled with enormous thriving ecosystems, which contained a vast number of animals – all indoors. Continue reading