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“L’Avenir” at Montreal’s Contemporary Art Museum

cde2520f-6201-40d4-98fc-828941bf5b1d-300x225Champlain College is a school which has many students focused on upcoming technologies and paving new career paths. Last Tuesday the Duality, Design, and Dissent class went to the Contemporary Art Museum to explore various art pieces expressing different perspectives on the future. Many of us are majoring in technology ­related fields, so the bond between technology and art is not foreign to us. Together with my fellow classmates, we explored and experienced different perspectives on the meaning of the future. Continue reading

The Cold Approach

CrowdedStreet Anyone who has spent some time with me knows I’m a pretty chatty person. I like to go through the complete script of small-talk when I first approach someone: “Hey, how’s it going? I’m doing well, thanks!”. It’s a kind of ritual for me, and I especially like having variations in the script available to me. “Hey or “Hi”, “How are you” or “What’s up”, etc. Continue reading

The Artistic Soul of Montreal


Let’s be clear. I’m not much of an artist, though sometimes I like to pretend like I could be. I’ve never taken a class on art appreciation, or creating art in general. I’m woefully illiterate when it comes to art movements. I can’t tell an expressionist painting from a romantic painting from an impressionist painting. Continue reading

Presidents Day at Montreal campus

IMG_2357Oct. 24th was a big day for us up here in Montreal. Champlain’s newest President, Don Laackman and Provost, Laurie Quinn, crossed the border from Burlington, Vermont to see our newly renovated campus and meet staff, faculty, students, alumni and internship providers. We were also overjoyed to welcome OIE staff from Burlington. What a treat! Continue reading

Destination Ottawa!

OttawaFor those leaving for: OTTAWA…

This is a Boarding Message. Those heading to Ottawa, please proceed to Train 57 for the 3.05 PM departure.

The train ride lasted two hours and arrived precisely at 4.54PM. Thirty minutes later we left for dinner at Smoque Shack. As soon as we walked into the restaurant most of us striped off our coats, the warmth of the place heating up our chilled bodies. Despite there being hardly any vegetarian options Andrea still “MANAGED TO FIND THE SALAD” and it was the first time I tried tofu. Continue reading

Get your Sketch on!

DSCF5675Looking ahead, the next few days were going to be spent in the labs trying to get work done. Looking back, the last few days were spent in the labs trying to get ahead on the work load. Most of my fellow programmers were away on the Quebec City trip, which left me alone to figure out the problem I was having. Continue reading

WRT 236 – Chinatown in Montreal


On October 2, the food writing class was greeted with towering chinatown2pillars and Chinese lettering painted across an archway. We were fortunate enough to get a tour of Chinatown by Round Table Tours’ own Melissa Simard. After hearing a brief history of the Chinese in Montreal, and how Chinatown started up, we got to explore it. Continue reading