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“L’Avenir” at Montreal’s Contemporary Art Museum

cde2520f-6201-40d4-98fc-828941bf5b1d-300x225Champlain College is a school which has many students focused on upcoming technologies and paving new career paths. Last Tuesday the Duality, Design, and Dissent class went to the Contemporary Art Museum to explore various art pieces expressing different perspectives on the future. Many of us are majoring in technology ­related fields, so the bond between technology and art is not foreign to us. Together with my fellow classmates, we explored and experienced different perspectives on the meaning of the future. Continue reading

GDD325: The Fresh Paint Gallery

IMG_0113The Fresh paint gallery in Montreal is not like any other art gallery that I have ever visited before. The art doesn’t just stop at the framed art on the walls but continues past that, to the walls and the hallways connecting the different exhibits. Each room is completely taken over by an individual artist who gets to arrange their room however they please. Continue reading

GDD 325: The Art of the Montreal Metro

IMG_4640When taking the subway there are many ways to approach the ride. Keep flipping songs on your iPod until you get to a foot tapping tune or people watch the shit out of everyone. But on this particular day my class- Duality and Design took a look at what really shapes the means of transportation around Montreal. Continue reading