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Shopping for la nourriture

image001As I write this blog post, I’ve spent just over a week in Montreal. Since this has been my first time ever leaving the United States, I had been mentally preparing myself for the changes I would encounter over the course of the semester. While I believe I’ve done fairly well at adjusting over this first week, there were still some pretty big surprises from some unexpected places. For now, I’d like to tell you about my first experience with a foreign grocery store. Continue reading

Budgeting in Montreal

When you enter a different country you always have the usual suspects of things you’ll encounter that’s different.  Maybe it’s the food, the people, the language, all or none of these things.  The one you don’t expect though, the Kaiser Soze of the group, is shopping.  I went into Provigo (pronounced Pro-Vee-go) expecting to buy generally the same things I buy back home and was thrown for a loop when I saw how everything was priced.  Continue reading